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Sports Afternoon

We held our fun sports afternoon on Wednesday 26th June.  The sun shone and we had lots of fun. Team ‘Canada’ were the runaway winners of the afternoon.

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Have a look in our gallery for more photos.

French Day

On Thursday 20th July we held a French Day.  Everyone dressed up and Class 4 ran a French Cafe for the morning.   We all had lots of fun!

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Seed Assembly

On Monday 17th June we were visited by Emma from the Charity ‘Seed’.  She spoke to us about children living in Tanzania and how different their lives are to what we consider normal here.    We learnt how lucky we are to have plenty to eat, comfortable homes and a free education – many families in Tanzania struggle to be able to send their children to school, particularly once they reach High School.  The staff and pupils at Luston School have decided to sponsor a 14 year old boy throughout his High School education.

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Open Afternoon – Friday 14th June

We invited parents and family into school on Friday 14th June to have a look at what we have been learning this term:

Class 1 were busy in our Forest Schools area

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Class 2 performed their ‘Joseph’ dances:

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Class 3 demonstrated what they have learned during Samba Percussion lessons:

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Class 4 were busy with their Science lesson:

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View+ Photographic Project

On Wednesday 12th June Class had fun looking at, and learning about, old photographs of the Leominster area.  These were taken by local photographers during the late Victorian and Edwardian era.  Family and friends were invited in after school to view the photographs.


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Hay Festival 2013

Members of our Book Club had a great day at Hay Festival in May:

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