Monthly Archives: February 2015

Willow Class Home Learning


Well done to Willow Class for their fantastic recipe books which they made for their Home Learning Projects.  What a lot of lovely recipes they have chosen!






They also shared their junk modelling houses which they had made in DT lessons:




School Council Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who provided cakes for the School Council cake sale today.

After a busy break time selling cakes, the School Council have raised £65.60.  They hope to add to this at the end of the school day as there are a few cakes left to sell….

Chinese New Year Celebrations



Wow! What a fantastic day celebrating Chinese New Year with Glenn Parry – I think everyone will go to sleep tonight with drumming ringing in their ears!!

All the children, including the Nursery, have taken part in dance workshops during the day.

Here are a few photos of what they have all been up to – have a look in the Gallery for more photos.




News from Tanzania

Messages from Mrs Freeman  in Tanzania:



“It is very hot here.  We have been for lunch with Mr Mwambo and spent the day visiting schools with him.  I was impressed that he managed to wear his suit all the time in this heat.  We have been for a walk through the woods with blue monkeys throwing fruit at us!  We have received great hospitality in the schools and had a meal in all three that we visited today.  We will be visiting Manyata School (Luston’s link school) tomorrow (Wednesday) – great excitement!”


“Have had a fab day.  Very very hot!”

Mrs Freeman has learnt some Tanzanian which Redwood Class have translated: “Jina lagou ni Mary.  Nina toka schule Luston.  Luston rifiki na manyat” – “My name is Mary.  I come from Luston School.  Luston are friends with Manyata!.

“Had a fantastic time with Julius Mwambo (Head Teacher at Manyata School).  All staff at Manyata are lovely.  Meeting Mrs Mwambo at their house tomorrow. Mr Mwambo loved the tree picture (ask your child about this!).


“Spent a fantastic day at Manyata Primary School today.  I saw all of the trees which were planted last year – everyone referred to them as Miss Turner’s trees.  We planted another tree to mark the occasion of the visit.  I went back to Mr Mwambo’s house and met his family.  The children at Manyata school are busy writing letters for me to bring back to Luston.”

We hope to post more news from Mrs Freeman as we receive it.