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Bee Aware Assembly

Thank you to Rob Williams who came in to school this morning to talk to us about bees.

We learnt about bee keeping, bee hives, how bees make honey, how we can use their honey, beeswax and lots more.

The children counted how many seconds it took Rob to put on his beekeeper’s suit.


We had lots of questions to ask Rob about bees and beekeeping.


Rob also told us about ‘Bee Aware’ an event he is running at Earl Mortimer College on Saturday 24th February where there will be lots of bee related activities to take part in – all proceeds will go to St Michael’s Hospice:

The Children’s Bookshelf

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday when we were visited by Steve from The Children’s Bookshelf.  All the children enjoyed choosing their free book, which was funded through commission from our Christmas card sales last term, plus lots of children brought in £2 to choose another book, or brought their parents in after school for more book purchasing!

Thank you to the FLSA who gave each class money to stock up their bookshelves, plus additional money for books for the school library.


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