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Class 1 – Cherry

Mrs Jones teaches Cherry Class.   We currently have 22 children in Cherry Class.

 Spring Term 2020



Autumn Term 2019

December 2019

It is a busy time in Cherry class and also for the naughty little Elves (we all love Elf on the Shelf)!  I have been intrigued to hear all about the naughty things he/she has been up to in everyone’s homes.  My goodness what a mischievous character!

Christmas activities have begun and the role play area has been turned into Santa’s Workshop. The children have had lots of opportunity for independent writing as they have been busy writing gift tags and Christmas cards, making their Christmas lists and wrapping presents.

We have been learning all about Santa’s reindeer and their names and the Christmas song ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ is a favourite that we love to sing.

Rehearsing for our nativity, ‘Born in the Barn’, has been keeping us busy and has required a lot of patience for our youngest children and we are now looking forward to performing to parents and carers next week.

Next week our literacy focus will be a story called, ‘Harvey Slumfenburger’s Present’ which encourages our children to think about the value of generosity.

From everyone in Cherry Class we would like to wish you are a very Happy Christmas!



Summer Term 2019

This term our theme is ‘Under the sea’ and ‘Pirates.’ We will also be starting swimming lessons and having a weekly forest school session this term.  We will update the website and Tapestry with lots of pictures for you to enjoy.

Spring Term 2019

This term our theme is ‘Fire and Ice.’  We will start by focusing on the theme of ice and will learn about the Arctic and Antarctic environments.  We will learn about the animals that live their and the clothes that we would need to wear if we visited.

 Science Week – March 11th 2019

This week we have been looking at the theme of ‘Journeys.’ As part of our work on Handa’s Surprise we looked at the journey of a Tangerine from Kenya to the UK. We discovered the tangerines would travel by boat.  We then choose a material to make our own boats.  We had some fantastic ideas.

We then made predictions as to whether our boats would float or sink.  We had lots of fun testing our boats.  We found that the best boats were made from plastic or the foil trays.

Tanzania Visit

Miss Davies will be visiting Tanzania later this half term,  and the aim is to work with our link school in Manyata to develop the ‘Zero Waste Project’. In preparation for the trip, the children in Cherry class have been learning about how pollution can affect the animals in our oceans. David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ series has captivated the children’s thinking of how we can recycle plastic and avoid it from being dumped into the sea.

Yoghurts are often on the school menu for pudding, and we decided to recycle and decorate the plastic pots and hang them on ‘Harry’ the scarecrow.  This is to frighten the pigeons and stop them from eating the farmers’ crops.  We all worked as a team to make a scarecrow and today we took Harry and placed him in the field. Good job team!

I know that the children in Tanzania will love to see our photos.




Autumn Term 2018

Today, we were excited to receive a visit from the ‘Guide Dog Association’, to support children’s learning about the ‘senses’. The children met a white dog called Henley and two black dogs. A lady called Vicky came along and she is visually impaired. Unfortunately, Vicky is waiting for a dog to be fully trained and be assigned to her.The children learnt, that guide dogs are kind, but are very important to help and guide blind people to navigate obstacles. We learnt about the liquid test, that helped blind people to know that when their cup is full, it would trigger a beep. This was to protect the person from being scaled by hot water.

The children were involved in other activities that included: walking along a piece of tape, whilst wearing a blind fold and when the children reached the end, they used their ‘touch’ sense to identify an object. They made a dog mask, identified hazards on a sheet and enjoyed the colouring sheets, but the most exciting thing of all was to stroke the dogs! The dogs were so well behaved!

What a lovely day had by all in Cherry and Willow class. We have decided that proceeds raised at the ‘nativity’ raffle will be donated to the ‘Guide Dog Association’. We hope to invite Vicky back to school, in the new year and present to her the funds.








We have had lots of fun this afternoon planting daffodil bulbs to commemorate 50 years of Luston School.  We look forward to watching them grow in the Spring.










This term we are looking forward to learning about dinosaurs.  Through different dinosaur related stories we will enjoy learning about different dinosaurs and what the world was like when they lived.

 Summer Term 2018

Ready for Forest School…

Cherry and Willow class had a fantastic time at Eastnor castle as part of our castle and Traditional Fairy tale topic.  We enjoyed our tour of the castle and learnt some new vocabulary such as portrait, tapestry and chandelier.  We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the armour and even got to try on some helmets.  We then had a great time on the adventure playground and in the maze.  It took us a few attempts but we all managed to make it to the castle in the middle and out again.






























As part of our Three Little Pig topic, we have been investigating the structure of buildings.  To help with our learning, we have built our own houses in the Forest School area.



Yesterday we had a fantastic time at Berrington Hall.  We enjoyed a leaf hunt around the grounds and sketching the beautiful flowers we saw around the gardens.  This half term we are looking forward to using our new outdoor area funded from the big lottery.  We look forward to sharing some photos with you soon.


 This term in Cherry Class our theme is ‘Gardening and Growth.’  In Summer term 1 we have being looking at the stories of Jasper’s Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Through these stories we learnt about how plants grow and watched how our very own bean plants grew and recorded this in a diary.  We also learnt how  we have grown and changed from being a baby, to a toddler, teenager and then an adult. To help with this we had a visit from a baby and learnt about things they can and can’t do.

On a Tuesday afternoon Reception children have had a fantastic time in the forest area for our ‘Tree- mendous’ Tuesday sessions.  We have enjoyed getting very mudding, digging in the digging area, swinging on the rope swings, looking for mini beasts and creating our own paint using mud.  Here are some photos of us during our sessions.



Spring Term 2018

This week has been ‘Science Week.’  We have had a fun filled week of Science investigations.  On Monday Angie from ‘Animal Antics visited us with a variety of different animals.  These animals helped us to learn about how animals belong to different groups such as insects, amphibians and mammals.

On Tuesday Reception children had a surprise package to investigate.  We all had to predict what was inside and explain why we thought this.  We then opened the foil to discover an ice cube with a toy baby hidden inside.  We discussed the best way to melt the ice.  We quickly discovered holding the ice in our hands was the best option as the heat from our hands melted the ice.  When our babies were released we discussed the best way to turn them back into ice.  We carried out the investigation by putting our water pots in different places around the School.

On Wednesday Mrs Jones came to work with us.  She taught us about a birds food chain and we all produced our own food chains on whiteboards.  We then decorated plastic milk containers to take home and fill with seeds to become bird feeders.  We ended our session by learning about ladybirds.  We had lots of fun creating our own ladybirds to hang in the window of Cherry class.  We hope you like them.


Today we had a visit from the School  nursing team.  They taught us how to clean our teeth properly.  We helped to clean Denzil the dragons teeth.

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year.  This year is the Year of the dog.  We have listened to the story about the Chinese zodiac and the Year 1 children then acted it out. Reception children have had lots of fun in our Chinese Restaurant role play area and even got to taste some real Chinese food.  We have also celebrated Pancake day this week.  We learnt how to cut our pancakes into quarters and then tasted 4 different pancake toppings.  We all then choose our favourite topping and made a bar graph to show the results.  Chocolate was the most popular topping.

Cherry Class enjoy our weekly ‘Gentle Touch’ sessions.  We use gentle hand movements to tell a story on our partners backs. We always  ask permission before touching our partners backs and say thank you afterwards.  We play relaxing music to help us relax. It is our favourite time of the week.


This term we will be traveling around the World.  We will start the year learning about the cold  climates of the Arctic and the Antarctic.  We will then move to the jungle and find out more about warmer climates.  Stories such as ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Dear Zoo’ will help us to find out more about the geographical features of these areas as well as forming the basis of our literacy work.  After half term Paddington Bear will help us to find out more about the UK.


Autumn Term 2017

This half term we have enjoyed reading the stories of ‘Meg and Mog.’  Meg the witch wrote to Cherry Class and asked us to plan a party for all of her friends.  We all had great fun, making invitations and learning how to make sandwiches which we then enjoyed at the party.  We have also enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night and Remembrance.  Over the last few weeks we have been learning about George Stephenson in preparation for our trip to see Father Christmas on the Severn Valley Railway.  We have also been busy practicing for our Nativity Play ‘A Miracle in Town.’


September 2017

Cherry Class have been enjoying their farming topic so far this term.  On a Friday afternoon they have created textured pictures using different crops.  They have enjoyed learning to retell the story of The Enormous Turnip through Pie Corbett story telling actions.  They look forward to sharing this with you all at our Harvest Assembly.


Cherry Class Long Term Planning  2017/18


Design & Technology Week – Sea Aquariums

Today we started painting our sea aquariums using our planning sheets. We are so excited to add the bits and pieces to our aquariums and completed a list of the items we wanted to include – fish, mermaids, shipwrecks, coral and even buried treasure! We are looking forward to our Sea Aquarium Exhibition on Friday 14th July at 3pm in the hall to showcase our creations to our families. See you all there!

Acton Scott

We loved our trip to Acton Scott. We enjoyed finding out about how Old MacDonald runs his farm and looks after the animals. We were very helpful and collected all the eggs for him. The pig and sheep were very friendly and allowed us to stroke them. We made a scarecrow in our groups and named them Lilly, Sherman and Nosey. They looked amazing and will definitely scare the birds away. We finished our trip with a play in the maze – we enjoyed chasing and catching the grownups. What a busy day!

Beautiful Butterflies

Cherry Class have thoroughly enjoyed watching the caterpillars change into butterflies and created a class diary of their observations. They have applied their previous learning from our ‘Minibeast’ topic and made links to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story about the life cycle of a butterfly. On Friday we had mixed emotions about saying goodbye to our butterflies. Willow Class came to support us and helped us say goodbye. What kind friends they are!

Summer 2017

Muddy Mondays

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Muddy Monday sessions with Mrs Collyer. We have been learning about minibeasts in the environment and thinking about what makes a good home and how to look after them. We particularly delighted in ‘Going on a Minibeast Hunt’ and explored the movements of a variety of minibeasts. We then created our own minibeasts using wooden blocks, paint and playdough. We love Muddy Mondays!

Spring 2

Have a look at our Spring 2 Class newsletter here: Cherry Class Spr 2 newsletter 2017

Five museum

The children enjoyed searching the classroom for items that represented the number 5. With our learning partners we created a five museum of all of our collected items. Please come and have a look at our display.


Stop the Drop Campaign

We braved the weather to take part in the ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign. We cleaned the sticks up and created a giant stickman and pretended to make a campfire – we can’t wait for Forest Schools in the summer term! We even filled a black bin bag with rubbish and discovered that a lot of the rubbish had been blown around by the pond and shed area, which we thought could be dangerous for animals who could get stuck inside or injure themselves.

Science Week – Buzzing Bees and Beautiful Butterflies

To celebrate Science Week we have been doing lots of learning through the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The story is about a little caterpillar who is always hungry. We follow him through the week as he eats lots of different food, until he is very big and very full. He then spins himself a cocoon and after 14 days inside, he emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

We discussed the life cycle of a butterfly and how the egg changes into a caterpillar first, then into a cocoon and then into a butterfly. We went searching for caterpillars during our Monday afternoon Welly Walk and learnt a butterfly life cycle rap.

In our choosing time we have been very creative and explored lots of different activities to develop our knowledge and understanding of Buzzing Bees and Beautiful Butterflies. We have made symmetrical butterfly pictures, created creeping caterpillars using thread and pasta, explored fiction and non-fiction books, wrote a shopping list, sequenced the story, made story maps and used them to retell the story using only actions. Another busy week and lots of brilliant learning in Cherry Class – please come and have a look at our display on the window.

Please talk to your child at home about their understanding of the story and their learning this week and keep an eye out in your garden for hungry caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and buzzing bees.

Spring welly walk/circle games

The children have embraced the opportunity to explore the outdoor learning environment in the warmer weather. We have enjoyed spotting signs of spring, pond dipping in search of tadpoles and frogs after nursery found some in the pond and circle games/songs on the field!

Pancake Day

We were very lucky to make and eat pancakes to Celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We were keen to discover what Pancake Day was all about and watched internet clips to find out how other people in the world celebrate Pancake Day. We particularly enjoyed discovering that the biggest pancake in the world is 15 meters in diameter! We used the meter rulers in the hall to see how big the pancake was.


World Book Day

The children delighted in the opportunity to dress up in their favourite book characters for World Book Day. Here are a few photos to showcase this special day and our love for reading:


This half term we have planned our own topic and have shared our thoughts and ideas about what we would like to learn – we have decided to learn about Superheroes and Cinderella.

We began by sharing the story of ‘Supertato’ which is about an army of super veggies and their enemy the Evil Pea. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the story and I am sure your child has told you all about the Evil Pea. We have enjoyed exploring the environment to create our own Supertato; role played the story in our Superhero Rescue Centre; freed the veggies that were trapped in the Funky Fingers area and thought about the questions – “what are superheroes?” “Why are superheroes special?” and “how do superheroes help others?” before briefly discussing real life superheroes, such as a nurse, police and paramedic.

We created WANTED posters to inform the whole school after receiving a letter from Supertato requesting our help because the Evil Pea had escaped again – we were all on the lookout! We then designed and created a trap using a variety of construction and the Evil Pea is now back in the freezer where he belongs!


Internet safety

We shared the story of ‘Smartie the Penguin’ to remind us of how to keep safe on the internet. We learnt about pop ups, inappropriate websites for older children and cyberbullying. Smartie was faced with two options – to deal with the problems on his own or ask an adult for help. We agreed with Smartie and thought we must ask an adult for help because if we try to sort the problem out on our own then we might end up on a bad website. We learnt a song to help us remember this.

“Before you click, click, click…

You need to think, think, think…

And TELL someone”

We enjoyed four activities to share and develop our knowledge of how to keep safe on the internet:

Designed an internet safety poster to offer advice to others

Decorated a Smartie the Penguin for our display

Discussion – what can you tell me about the internet?

Smartie the Penguin colouring

“Internet safety is not just for today, but every day.”

Please visit for further information – there are lots of fun interactive games to play.

Spring Term 1 2017

Cherry Class Spring 1 2017

The children have settled well after the Christmas holidays and have come back to school with enthusiasm and a thirst to learn! Our topic this half term is ‘All Around the World’ and will begin thinking about Africa and sharing the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ The children will have the opportunity to draw and paint African animals using different equipment; describe a variety of fruit and write a descriptive sentence; explore our new interactive display; experience different ways of moving by becoming different African animals; investigate addition and subtraction stories using different fruits; making fruit kebabs; and lots more exciting activities. We hope to send an email to our link school in Tanzania to share with them our wonderful learning about Africa.

We will also be celebrating the Chinese New Year and making our role play area into a Noodle Bar! The children will have the opportunity to retell the Chinese New Year story using props and ipads to record their own stories. In numeracy children will learn about ordinal numbers and money as they make and buy their own noodles from the Noodle Bar. We will hold a tasting sessions of different Chinese foods before children design their own dishes and create their own music and dances.

We will finish the half term thinking about where we live, offering children the opportunity to compare and contrast the different countries, climates and cultures.


Our new interactive topic display board complete with children’s fantastic ‘dotty’ art animals, descriptive sentences about the fruit, addition number stories and African necklaces. We love exploring the interactive display and enjoy retelling ‘Handa’s Surprise’ story using the animal puppets. Please come and have a look during morning drop off and ask your child all about it.

Addition and subtraction stories

IMG_1267 IMG_1262 IMG_1281

We have been thinking about addition and subtraction stories this week. We used the fruit and recorded lots of independent number sentences. We are all very proud of each other!

Fruit kebabs

We have been busy making delicious fruit kebabs to finish our topic of Africa. We enjoyed tasting and exploring the different fruit and working hard to thread them onto the sticks. We thought the passion fruit looked a bit like ‘alien eye balls’ when we opened it up, but it tasted scrumptious.

Autumn Term 2 2016


This half-term our class topic is Festivals and Celebrations. We began the term learning about Halloween and sharing the story ‘Room on the Broom’ thinking about rhyming words; measuring wriggly worms and creating magic potions! We then learned about Bonfire Night and created a fire dance using ribbons, wrote firework descriptive words – whizz, zoom, bang, pop; and enjoyed creating firework pictures using paint and cardboard tubes.

We will continue our topic with a focus on Diwali and sharing the story of ‘Rama and Sita.’ The children will be retelling the story using puppets and props in our new synagogue role play area; will create Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns in Expressive arts and design, and explore light and dark using the dark den and torches for Understanding the World.

We will then focus on how we celebrate birthdays and why birthdays are important. The children will be creating party invitations and writing a party food shopping list for our class party, with party dances and games, lights, music and DJ decks!

We will finish the term by looking at how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world, practising for our nativity performance, and making Christmas decorations as well as lots of other festive creations.




Autumn Term 1 2016

During the Autumn term 1 Cherry Class will be learning all about ourselves and each other. We will be thinking about ourselves, our family and friends and our homes.




End of autumn term

Thank you for your continued support this term.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Ted’s Birthday party picnic

We have been focusing on ‘birthdays’ this week and have created party food lists in literacy for our class Ted’s 5th birthday. We have been invited to his birthday party picnic on Friday 25th November at 1:30. We are very excited to celebrate with Ted and our teddies! Here are some examples of our fantastic party food lists!

capture_2016-11-22_15-34-59 capture_2016-11-22_15-35-35 capture_2016-11-22_15-36-13


Children in Need

We all looked SPOTACULAR today in our spots and funky feet! We enjoyed doing a fashion parade in Cherry Class and showed off our outfits with a dance and a twirl. We enjoyed some Pudsey colouring and even designed a cake using lots of craft materials. We then enjoyed eating some cakes during our snack time. They were yummy! Thank you for all your donations.

capture_2016-11-18_09-03-30 capture_2016-11-18_09-04-36 capture_2016-11-18_09-05-01

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

For Anti-Bullying Week, we shared our thoughts about what this could mean – “we need to help each other”, “we don’t push others or it will make them sad”, “we use kind hands”. We then shared the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and discovered that the duckling was very sad because he looked different to his siblings. We then discussed being different is good and that although we may look different, we all have feelings. Children shared great thoughts about the story and highlighted strategies to resolve situations e.g. “I would tell the teacher”, “say no thank you” and encourage use of kind hands “if they [child] are on their own, go and ask if they want to play”. Children were quick to link this to our class Golden Rules – ‘we are kind and helpful’.

We made up our own class motto, which is displayed on our class door. Please come and have a look.



Science Day

We all thoroughly enjoyed Science day! We discovered lots of science facts during all of the activities, such as; making boats and investigating floating and sinking; making 3D structures which could survive an earthquake using marshmallows and cocktail sticks; making telephones and sending secret messages; learning about our fingerprints; and The Egg Drop challenge.  We had great fun being scientists! Here are a few photographs of the day.

capture_2016-11-07_14-08-08 capture_2016-11-07_13-49-57 capture_2016-11-07_11-24-34 capture_2016-11-07_10-54-48 capture_2016-11-07_09-58-43 capture_2016-11-07_09-46-51

 Harvest Week

In literacy we have been looking at The Little Red Hen story and learning to retell the story using actions with only a story map to help us! We then had a go at making our own story map and ordering the story using sequencing cards. We also performed a Harvest song in assembly which was all about harvesting the crops. We have investigated the process of making bread in the continuous provision and explored, corn, wheat, flour and bread. Here are some photographs of the exciting activities we have been exploring.

capture_2016-10-10_09-14-32-copy capture_2016-10-10_09-13-14-copy capture_2016-10-10_09-13-35-copy capture_2016-10-10_09-15-18 capture_2016-10-10_10-50-02 capture_2016-10-10_09-15-36-copy


Our new poem

Cherry Class have been learning a new poem linked to our ‘All About Me’ topic. Have a go at reading the poem with your child. You can find this poem in their poem book.


Phonics information afternoon

We had a fun phonics afternoon with some of Cherry Class parents! We showed them how we learn our phonics and even taught them some letter formation rhymes – they thought the ‘d’ was very funny [around the dinosaurs bottom, up to his tall neck and down to his feet]. They were surprised at how many sounds we know. We enjoyed activities, such as, match the pictures to the initial sound and made playdough letters, which we can now do at home. The parents were very inspired and left some positive feedback to say how informative and helpful the session was and how they feel more confident to support our learning at home. Thank you for your visit.

capture_2016-10-05_13-15-56 capture_2016-10-05_13-16-06 capture_2016-10-05_13-16-23 capture_2016-10-05_13-16-39 capture_2016-10-05_13-20-46 capture_2016-10-05_13-21-38 capture_2016-10-05_13-23-16


Welly Walk

We loved our welly walk on Monday. We explored the school grounds and found lots of items to make natural pictures. We enjoyed collecting leaves to create Autumn pictures next week – we even found leaves with holes in them and thought it could have been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ We thoroughly enjoyed our welly walk and we are already planning our next session – finding animal footprints and fairies!

img_0362 img_0368 img_0372


Celebrating ‘European Languages’ week

Bonjour! To celebrate ‘European Languages’ week we performed our ‘Hello Song’ in English, French, Spanish and Hungarian during assembly to the whole school! We have displayed the photo on our British Values board in Cherry Class.



Rugby Tots

We have had a great time during Rugby Tots! We have been learning about the importance of ‘warming up’ and ‘cooling down.’ We have also been thinking about the importance of being aware of others when practising our kicking skills. We used soft cones to practise our kicking technique before using real rugby balls!

capture_2016-09-22_08-31-24 capture_2016-09-29_08-46-31 img_0612 img_0646 img_0818


New class treasure hunt

We thoroughly enjoyed going on a treasure hunt in search of some objects around our new classroom. We worked with a learning partner to find and collect all of the objects on the list – lots of team work and discussion. We had lots of fun exploring our new classroom environment!

capture_2016-09-22_12-56-07 capture_2016-09-22_12-55-56 capture_2016-09-22_12-57-54


All About Me!

This week the children shared their three special items from home. They took turns to explain to the class why each item was special to them and answered children’s thoughts and questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their ‘All About Me’ bags and learnt lots about each other.

capture_2016-09-21_13-24-42 capture_2016-09-19_12-33-46capture_2016-09-22_13-42-06







Summer Term 2016

This week we visited Croft Castle with Willow class. We met John the gardener who gave us a tour of the garden and showed us the dig for victory garden.  We all enjoyed sitting in the Anderson shelter.  We then played some traditional garden games before following a trail around the castle grounds.  We looked for morse code clues which created a secret word.  After our picnic lunch we had a tour of the house before ending our day in the fantastic play area.  We all had lots of fun and learnt more about life in the past.

IMG_8668 IMG_8673 IMG_8681 IMG_8704




Today we released our butterflies.  We have enjoyed watching our 5 caterpillars grow, then turn into their cocoons and last week they emerged as butterflies.  We have watched them for the last week in the net in Cherry class but today released them into our grounds so they can fly off and lay their own eggs.  We had lots of fun waving them off.

IMG_8653 IMG_8663

This week we had a visit from Jason who taught us all about castle life.  We enjoyed looking at the clothes people would of worn and there weapons.  We enjoyed trying on different helmets and holding the heavy weapons.

IMG_8617 IMG_8626

Today a Paralympian came to visit us in school.  Danielle Brown led a circuit of activities then spoke to us about winning a gold medal at the Beijing and London Paralympic games in archery.  We all had lots of fun and the exercises were hard work but lots of fun.

IMG_8534 IMG_8550

This half term we are looking at the stories of Paddington.  Paddington will teach us all about London and the Queen as we help celebrate her 90th birthday.  We will also learn about castles and visit Croft Castle.

Today we had a fantastic visit to the Courtyard Theatre to see a production of ‘Tiddler’.  We saw a lovely performance of Julia Donaldson’s stories of Monkey puzzle, A squash and a squeeze, the smartest giant in town and tiddler.  We all really enjoyed it.

Summer 1

We have had a fantastic end to our ‘People who help us’ topic with a visit from Gareth, our local CSO and Mary’s Mum Charlie who works in an opticians.

Gareth taught us about the importance of keeping ourselves safe and we all had a sit in his Police car.  We tried the special vest they wear on, it was very heavy.

IMG_1146 IMG_1140

Charlie taught us all about how our eyes work and why we might need to wear glasses.  We enjoyed trying on the different glasses.



To continue our ‘People who help us’ topic this week we had a visit from Kingsland Fire Service.  We were very excited to see the fire engine outside our class.

IMG_8143 IMG_8153




The fire fighters told us all about the equipment on the fire engine and how the breathing apparatus works.  We then all had a go using the hose, we had lots of fun.

IMG_8196 IMG_8199


This week we had a visit from Mel, a Paramedic.  We enjoyed learning how she helps to look after us when we break a bone.  She also taught us what to do when out walking if we hear an ambulance coming. We were able to sit in her special Fast response car.  The siren was very loud when she played it to us.

IMG_7965 IMG_7985








 We all really enjoyed our first ‘Muddy Monday’ session.  We enjoyed exploring the forest area and got very muddy!



As part of our ‘People who help us’ topic we had a visit from Nicky, a veterinary nurse and her dog Bruce.  We learnt how to look after our pets and the job of a vet.






Cherry Summer (1) 2016


Spring term 2016

Thank you to all the parents who came in to see Cherry Classes home learning projects.  There was a fantastic selection of projects showcasing numbers we have found in the environment. Children produced a range of projects, some were posters of numbers they found, others were books showing photographs of objects arranged in numbers and some people made clocks.  It was lovely to share our work with so many parents.

IMG_7552 IMG_7553 IMG_7555


Cherry Class are enjoying preparing for Easter.  We have been on an Easter number hunt around the school, looking for numbered eggs 1-20.  We have also learnt about melting whilst melting chocolate to make Easter nests ready to share with our parents during our Home Learning Project afternoon.

IMG_7526 IMG_7518

Today was ‘World Maths Day’ we celebrated by playing lots of different maths games in Cherry Class.  We enjoyed throwing the bean bags into numbered buckets then creating addition number sentences to show our score.

IMG_7329 IMG_7330

This week we have really enjoyed the start of our ‘Space’ topic.  We read the story ‘Man on the moon’ and did some fantastic writing about Bob, the man on the moon.  We also created a scientific explorers role play area.  We are having great fun exploring space in it and using various scientific tools.

IMG_7290 IMG_7292


Children in Cherry class enjoyed the Chinese New Year dance and drumming workshops before half term:





This week we have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  We have really enjoyed acting it out.


This week has been the perfect weather for our ‘Winter’ topic.  We have enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking at all the patterns made by the frost.

IMG_6907 IMG_6908

Cherry Spring 2016

Cherry Class – Latest News

We had a fantastic Autumn term in Cherry class, and look forward to an exciting Spring term.  We will begin by looking at the theme of Winter, exploring Polar regions and the animals associated with these.  In relation to this we will become scientists, learning about how ice is made and how Polar animals are camouflaged.  We will be looking at Winter themed stories and focus in particular on the story ‘Lost a found.’  A wonderful story of friendship about a boy and a penguin.As the weather improves we will think about ‘The Woods’ and will look at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ as well as taking part in the RSPB big bird watch.  After half term we will work with the whole school and discover what life is like in space when a space suit, which has previously been worn in space, comes to visit us.


Autumn Term 2015

Today the children in Cherry Class and Nursery had  an early Christmas treat.  They were lucky to watch a performance of ‘Little Bo Peep’ by Sea Legs Puppet theatre company.  Everyone had a fantastic time, here are a few photo’s of the show.



This week we have enjoyed learning more about the story ‘Stick Man.’  We wrote letters to Stick Man’s family and left them by the ‘Family tree’ in the woods.  We have practiced our measuring skills by measuring Stick Man and his family and retelling the story through dance.

IMG_5996[1] IMG_5995[1]


This half term we will be learning about magic through the stories of ‘Meg and Mog.’  Through various pirate stories we will also be learning more about pirates as well as preparing for our christmas production of ‘Prickly Hay.’

 Cherry Autumn 2


Last half term we were learning about ‘Nursery Rhymes’ and ‘The Farm’.

Cherry autumn 1

After learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ last week this week we have made our own bread, just like the little red hen.  We had lots of fun re-telling the story as we made the bread.

004Adding the ingredients

012                                                    Mixing it all together



057                                ‘Kneading’ the dough







Rolling the dough to create our bread rolls! They tasted fantastic!




This week we have started learning about farming.  We have enjoyed learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ ready for our Harvest assembly next week.


In PE we have been moving like different animals.  We have enjoyed making big and small shapes like different animals.





This week we have been enjoying learning about Humpty Dumpty.  We worked really hard to make story books showing what happened to Humpty.  We also enjoyed practicing our days of the week song to show parents in our assembly on Friday.  Don’t forget next Wednesday is our reading and phonic afternoon, we hope to see as many of you as possible.


We have had a great week exploring our new classroom and outdoor area.

We have enjoyed learning the ‘Nursery Rhyme’ Incy Wincy spider and have had lots of fun making spiders to hang in our classroom, please come and visit us to see them.


Summer Term 2015

We are very excited to be starting den building in our outdoor area as the weather is improving. Here are some children using their construction skills:


Den making



As the finer weather approaches Cherry will be having their P. E lessons outside. Last week we had various activity stations, fun was had by all.



PE 2







Last Thursday the children were lucky enough to visit Tillington Fruit Farm. They started the day by  making honey and apple cookies. In the afternoon we all went on a bug hunt, and had the opportunity to go down near a pond to look for wildlife. The children also saw some beautiful blossom in the poly tunnels.

tillington cooking

tillington bug hunt

tillington polytunnel

Spring Term 2015


As you can see from this picture, Cherry’s home learning project was a great success. Some fantastic bugs were created. A huge thank you to those who helped to make these. More photos of the home learning projects can be viewed on the Gallery page.


Cherry Home Learning March 15

On Friday Mrs Painter made some pin hole cameras for the children to use for the safe viewing of the eclipse.


Viewing the eclipse

Viewing the eclipse

On Monday Cherry class were very fortunate to join Redwood class for P.E. The older children set up different activities around the hall, a fun afternoon was had by all.

PE fun with Redwood Class

PE fun with Redwood Class

In Forest School the children were busy planting hedging and looking for signs of Spring.



We must mention Red Nose Day, the children all looked fantastic  and we raised just over £130.00.

Cherry Class

Cherry Class



On Friday Cherry class enjoyed the sunny weather outside. The afternoon was based on ‘Child Initiated Learning’ – the children being able to choose their activities from the selection provided.

Number writing

Number writing


Team work in the sand!

Team work in the sand!



Circling alternate numbers

During our Chinese New Year celebrations cherry class took part in a dragon dance. The children listened carefully to the beat of the drum and moved rhythmically in various Chinese costumes.

Chinese Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragon Dance

Keeping the rhythm going.

This week we went into our wood, we looked for signs of spring and collected lots of sticks for den building.

Collecting sticks for den building.

Collecting sticks for den building.





Cherry class have been very busy in our builders workshop.

Busy Builders.

Busy Builders.

The children enjoyed  making oat biscuits , with the help of  Mrs Taylor and Mrs Smith. The children then ate them at snack time.

Cookie making

Making Cookie Dough


During Chinese week we have been reading the story of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’.

Chinese Story

The role play areas in class  have all been changed, we now have :

– A Builders Workshop

– A Home Area

– A Shop & Post Office

We would appreciate any donations to these areas, e.g.  dried foods such as pasta to sell in our shop, calendars, diaries, magazines, comics, birthday cards, wrapping paper, a baby bath or any toys/objects that can be taken apart, such as clocks.

We have had our final football coaching session, the children enjoyed  learning  new ball skills.


This week the children have been looking at the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and made their own porridge.

"It tastes just right"

“It tastes just right”

We are looking forward to the drier weather so we can all enjoy forest school again.

In mathematics we are  looking at the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes, you could  help your child to  identify these shapes at home.

Sorting 3d shapes.

Sorting 3d shapes.


On a Thursday the children take part in  dance during their P.E lesson. The theme this term is ‘ The Toy Box ‘. The children are enjoying moving like different toys while cleaning up a toy shop.

The children have all been working hard during their ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics lessons they are currently learning words containing ‘ay’.

Year 1 children went on a winter walk and used their senses to explore the outdoor environment. While outside the children took photographs of the wintery weather  to send to our link school in Tanzania.

We found frosty leaves.



The grass was crunchy.

The grass was crunchy.














Our topic for this term is ‘In the Wood’ we will be looking at traditional tales old and modern set in woodlands.  We will be observing season and weather changes in the wood and finding out about a variety of common animals and mini-beasts found in meadow and woodland habitats.

This term we have been busy learning about how different fabrics react when placed in water.

Science Experiment with Fabrics in Water

Science Experiment with Fabrics in Water


Every Monday we will be learning football skills in our PE lessons with Mr Hughes from the Football Association.

Monday Football Coaching with Mr Hughes

Monday Football Coaching with Mr Hughes

Autumn Term 2014

Welcome to Cherry Class! We have had a good start to the new academic year and the children have settled in well. Our topic for the Autumn Term is about farms and farming. We will be finding out about the animals that live on a farm and also the crops, fruit and vegetables that are commonly grown on farms in Britain. In literacy, we have been reading ‘The Story of the Little Red Hen’ and we are learning to retell the story with actions. The Little Red Hen grew corn to make bread with and later in the term, the children will have a go at making their own bread. We aim to cook a variety of food as part of our topic and so far, the children have enjoyed making toast and a sandwich to eat at break time with their drink. The children in Cherry Class have enjoyed their Forest School sessions with Larch Class each Tuesday morning and it is good to see how well the older children support the younger children in developing their interests and activities.


Cherry Class Photos September 1046




30.9.2014. Last Thursday we visited Tillington Fruit Farm and the whole day was enjoyed tremendously by all. We spent the morning outside exploring the apple orchards and finding out about the different types of apples that are grown there. It was a beautiful warm day and we had our lunch outside in the sunshine. In the afternoon, the children helped to make apple juice and then they worked with a partner to make Tillington Apple cake. I am sure that you enjoyed eating their cakes when they took them home at the end of the day!





The children are making their apple cake

The children are making their apple cake

This is what the children used to make their lovely apple juice

This is what the children used to make their lovely apple juice





1st October 2014

Butter Making Day

The children enjoyed making their own butter today. At the end of the process they enjoyed spreading it on a cracker and eating it at break.








The lovely butter they've made.

capture_2016-09-19_12-33-46The lovely butter they’ve made.



10th October 2014

The children have all been working hard during their ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics lessons and the Year R. children should now remember the letter sounds for: c, t, b, d, s, m, I, a, k, g, p, n, o and u. The Year 1 children have been working hard on their word building skills and the focus this week has been words containing ‘sh’ and ‘th’, next week we will be revising these and also learning how to read and write words containing ‘ch’ and ‘ng’. 












We enjoyed our Forest School session this week and luckily the rain held off while we were in the wood. The children in Larch Class helped The younger children to make dens and shelters.