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Mrs Hurley teaches in Willow Class.  There are currently 22 children in the Class, 7 in Year 1, 10 in Year 2 and 3 in Year 3.

You can view our 2 year teaching plan here: ks1 2 year plan – Willow class

Autumn 2019


To get us into the Halloween spirit we have been using pumpkins for our maths investigations. First we used our measuring skills to find out the height and the circumference of each pumpkin. Then we weighed them to find out which one was heaviest. Finally we estimated how many seeds would be inside before scooping them out to find out. Most of us enjoyed getting messy!


After reading the book ‘The Dot’ Willow class created their very own 3D sculptures on a black dot. We were very impressed with the variety of paper folding and curling ideas.

In science Willow Class have been exploring bubbles. We’ve asked questions like, ‘how do you make bubbles?’ ‘Why do they pop?’ And ‘what’s the biggest bubble we can blow?’ Here are some of the children practically investigating these questions.

In literacy we have been learning about instruction writing. We made paper snakes by carefully following the instructions. We then wrote our own for someone else to follow.

Summer 2019

Imagination Station

The children enjoyed decorating cakes, building lego structures and using their imagination to play creatively with our small world toys.

Next week we’re hoping to visit the pond, weather depending!

Spring 2019


Friday 12th April

The children thoroughly enjoyed making Easter biscuits this week. They carefully followed the instructions and were very keen to help tidy up afterwards! We hope they taste as good as they smell!



Willow had a lovely time making pancakes. then we wrote instructions about how to make. We used bossy verbs and time connectives. They tasted great too!




In willow we have been looking at handling data. We organised items into groups.


Subtraction in Willow 

We have been learning all about subtraction, using base 10 and Numicon. Year 2’s have been learning about subtracting 2 digit numbers and subtracting and adding ten and the Year 1’s have been subtracting with 10 and 20. We have tried to make predictions and spot patterns.


Willow have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. First we made wanted posters to help the Police, the naughty giant was wandering around Herefordshire! This week we have been using actions to retell the story and learn about language for story writing.



Autumn 2018


This week our Year 2’s have been on an exciting trip to Luctonians Rugby Club, where they joined year 2’s from other local schools to take part in a fun afternoon of fitness. It was a beautiful Autumn day and all of the children enjoyed a range of games in the sunshine.

Autumn Maths

The children have been very busy completing lots of place value activities to start the year. The Year 1s have been focusing on their numbers to 10 and 20 and the Year 2s have been working with numbers to 100. We have been writing the numbers in digits and words as well as ordering and comparing them, looking at the value of tens and ones. This is going to really help us when we start looking at addition and subtraction in the next few weeks.


Great Fire of London Art

Take a look at some of the beautiful artwork currently on display in Willow class. The children mixed colours to create their fire backgrounds and then cut out black silhouettes to show the different buildings in London.

Summer Term 2018

Berrington Hall

This week we went on a Science trip to Berrington Hall. We have been learning about plants as part of a Science so far this term, so the beautiful grounds at Berrington were the perfect place to use our knowledge. One of our activities was to identify different plants and flowers around the gardens, the children had pictures of different flowers which they had to search for. Some of the children also enjoyed a sketching session, where they chose their favourite flower to sketch.


This half term we have welcomed Miss Kim into Willow class every Friday afternoon. She has taught us ballet which we have all really enjoyed. We have learnt lots of ballet poses and the children all worked together to create their own routines. Thank you Miss Kim!



This week Willow class have been looking at capacity in Maths. We have been lucky enough to go outside to measure water with lots of different containers. Our Year 2s used measuring cylinders and had to read scales without all of the numbers on.


Spring Term 2018

Science Week

This week has been Science week and we’ve had a very fun time celebrating. We started the week with a very exciting visit from Angie and her wonderful animals, including a Madagascan giant cockroach, a tree frog, a bearded dragon and a millipede. The visit allowed us to consolidate all of our learning about grouping animals.


This afternoon we have been food Scientists and experimented using different ingredients to make cheese. We used milk, cheese cloth and different types of vinegar to make cheese. Although it was a successful investigation, we didn’t have any volunteers to taste the results..!!

On Wednesday Mrs Jones visited Willow class to teach us all about butterflies and bees. We learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and the children made beautiful symmetrical patterns. We also learnt about the habitats of bees, and created some beehives of our own.


Spring Term Maths

We’ve been very busy mathematicians this half term, learning about 3D shapes, multiplication and division, and time. Have a look at some of our learning below.



Science Investigation

Our Year 2s carried out an investigation this week, testing which materials a toy car travelled the furthest on. We used a range of materials from carpet to sand paper and the children used a metre stick to measure the distance travelled. The children made predictions first and then wrote up their results at the end of the task.



Autumn Term 2017

A very wet Science investigation!

A highlight of our week has been our investigation into waterproof materials. We wanted to make a new hat for Baby Bear from our Literacy story ‘Whatever Next’. The children put a teddy into a jar and tested lots of different materials to see which one would keep Baby Bear the driest when water was poured on him.

Welcome to Willow!

Willow class have had a fantastic first week back. Our new Year 1s are settling into their new classroom and our Year 2s are being very helpful, helping the younger children to find things in their new environment.

We’ve been working very hard on some tricky Maths, looking at lots of place value facts. The children have particularly enjoyed using the dienes blocks to make 2-digit numbers.

Summer Term 2017

Acton Scott Trip

Wow, what an exciting day we have had! The children have seen lots of different farm animals from goats and horses, to chicks and piglets. Our focus for the day was ‘food from the farm’. We explored the farm with our own shopping lists to see what foods we could find. The children went on an egg hunt and got to hold freshly laid eggs. They also picked some fresh fruit and vegetables. One of the highlights of the day was using the kibbling machine to create flour from wheat.


Woodland adventures

All of the children have loved going into the forest for some outdoor learning this term. We have seen some very creative designing and building, from dens with security passes to bridges and swings.

The children have been enjoying our human body topic this term. We have been learning about the 5 senses and investigating which body parts we use for which sense. We have also been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. The children have designed their own menus and also made some delicious fruit kebabs.

Spring 2017


‘Mr Motivator’

The children have loved the sunny weather this week and we made the most of the sunshine by keeping fit outdoors. We travelled by bus to Luctonians Rugby Club where we took part, alongside other primary schools, in lots of fun challenges. Have a look at us in action below!

Science Walk

This week in Science we were looking at the differences between living things, non-living things and things that used to be alive but are no longer living. The children had lots of fantastic ideas and we had some super discussions about things such as pencils, paper and the fruit in our fruit bowl. We went for a walk around the school grounds to see what other items we could find.

Science Week

This week has been a very exciting Science week. Our theme has been ‘Buzzing Bees and Beautiful Butterflies’. The children have learnt about why we need to look after bees and each designed their own bee-friendly garden. We have also written captions for the lifecycle of a butterfly, baked some honey biscuits and planted some sunflower seeds.


As well as all of this the children have even managed to make their own little bees to buzz around our beehives!

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New year, the children in Willow class have been decorating their own roosters. They used different types of paper and other materials to create a collage.

Subtraction number stories

This week we have been working very hard on our subtraction. We have used stories and objects to help us. Today, our Year 1s had lots of fun making their own subtraction stories. We used the part-part-whole model to represent the Maths behind the story. As you can see, we had some very creative stories – from rockets to dancing fish.

Winter Science Walk

Today we wrapped ourselves up warm and braved the weather outside. The children each had a clipboard to note down their observations of the plants and trees around the school grounds at this time of year.

1 3

Planting seeds

As part of our rainforest topic, we are learning all about plants and how they grow. This week the children planted their own seeds. Each group planted their seeds in a different environment to investigate what the seeds need to germinate. We will keep you updated on how they are growing. 1 2 3


The children have come back from their Christmas holidays feeling refreshed and excited to start their new topic “Rainforests”. We have already started to think about anything we already know about Rainforests and have created some beautiful parrots for our display board. Keep your eyes peeled for some writing being added to the board in the next couple of weeks.


Autumn Term 2016


This year’s Christmas production of ‘Born in a Barn’ has been a huge success with the children and their family and friends alike. On Wednesday they did two performances in one day and every single one of the children did a fantastic job – Well done Willow, we are very proud. A big thank you to parents and carers for the super costumes and support with learning lines. Have a look at us in action below.

1 2

For our Indoor Christmas market, Willow class decided to make chocolate crispy cakes in the shape of Christmas puddings. They worked very hard making and decorating the cakes and they were a very popular choice with everyone!

3  5

The children’s Tudor houses are coming along brilliantly. We have already completed our painting and have added our beams. The children spent a lot of time measuring their beams and making sure they had the correct length and position. Next up….straw roofs!

1 2 3 4

The children have been very busy completing harvest activities this week including baking (and eating) apple crumble, pumpkin and leaf art, and writing harvest poems. They loved showing off their beautiful artwork in our harvest assembly, and our Year 2s even read out our class poem in front of a very large audience! The poem was a combination of the children’s individual ideas. Have a read below.


As part of our ‘European Day of Languages’ celebrations, we welcomed NJ (a Willow class Daddy) into our classroom. He read us all a story in Lithuanian and we even learnt some Lithuanian words. A particular favourite is ‘Laba Diena’ which the children are now using to answer the register as ‘good afternoon’. Thank you NJ!


This week the children have been creating some Great Fire of London themed artwork. Our creations allowed us to practice our painting, cutting and sticking , as well as our measuring skills. The children thought really carefully about the shapes of the buildings they used. Have a look at some of the finished products below.

gfol-2 gfol-3

We’ve had a great first week back settling into Willow Class. Our first topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’, have a look at some of the things we will be learning about this term in the topic web above.

Below is our long term plan where you can see a brief outline of the topics we will be covering throughout the year.


Summer Term 2016

Summer 2

Today we celebrated the 4th of July in our forest school session. The children made their own musical instruments, party food and decorations for the wood, we even had a live performance with a ‘muddy’ microphone and guitar!

2 3 4

We had a very exciting visitor today who came to talk to us all about Castles, and what life was like living in Medieval Britain. We learnt about the clothes they used to wear, the jobs they used to do and the children’s favourite…the weapons that were used in battle. Have a look at some of them in our pictures below!

2 3 4

Today some of the children went to Luctonians Rugby club and enjoyed a multi-skills afternoon where they got to take part in lots of different sports activities, along with other local schools. The sun was shining and a good day was had by all. Have a look at some of us in action below.

1 2 4

We have been making the most of the lovely weather this week and had our first ‘Muddy Mondays’ session. Although not much mud was involved this week, we had great fun exploring the wood. The children loved using their environment to create things such as dens, swings and bows.

1 2 3 4

Summer 1

The first half of the Summer term has been extremely busy for Willow class. We have loved learning all about the weather and seasons as part of our topic work. We have enjoyed playing the roles of ‘Gus’ and ‘Peck’ from the video clip Partly Cloudy which has helped us to produce some great writing.

Outside of the classroom, the children have been very active. We have been swimming every Wednesday and have had our football coach Paul teaching us football every Monday. Have a look at some of our skills below.

1 2 3 4

This week the children have been thinking about all of the different things that happen within the  seasons. They each drew one picture to represent something that they associate with each season. Have a look at their fantastic ideas below.

Seasons board

The children have loved their first week on our new topic ‘Weather and Seasons’. It has been the perfect week to introduce the topic as in true British style we have seen all types of weather – sun, clouds, wind, rain and even some snow over the weekend!

Spring Term 2016

Spring term

It has been a very busy day for Willow class today. We presented our Easter acrostic poems in front of lots of friends and family in our special Easter assembly. This afternoon we have had some special Easter visitors to the school…have a look at the children holding some chicks below.

Easter assembly






































To celebrate and raise money for Sport Relief 2016, everyone in the school dressed up in their sports clothes and took part in a fantastic, high energy aerobics class. Here are some pictures of Willow class having a super time working up a sweat!

1 2





To celebrate World Book Day Willow class focussed on the country of Kenya. We focussed on the book ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. We are very lucky that one of our classmates used to live in Kenya so we had lots of fun looking through pictures of life in Kenya. We also had lots of artefacts bought in all the way from Kenya which the children loved! Thank you Josh.








































The children have done a super job taking part in ‘Clean for the Queen’. It is a campaign designed to clean up Britain ready for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Willow class played their part by cleaning up the playground area in the school.

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4


































































It has been a very busy last week of the half term for Willow class. We have enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday by tasting pancakes before creating tables and tallies for our favourite toppings. Some of us even used our pancakes to explore fractions by splitting them into different parts.

Today we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year with a special dance workshop. The children loved playing the drums and wearing the fantastic dragon costumes.
















































































We have had a great start to the term focussing on our ‘Under the Sea’ topic. The children have been learning about the ocean as a habitat and exploring the variety of animals and plants that can survive under the sea.

Today we focussed on local habitats. We wrapped up in our wellies and coats and braved the mud outside. As you can see below, the children loved observing and identifying different animals and plants in their habitats.























Autumn Term 2015



Autumn 2


Willow class have enjoyed lots of festive activities during the last couple of weeks. As well as our performance of ‘Prickly Hay’, the children have also made Christmas cards and snowmen biscuits. We have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes in Maths; today the children used nets to create different shaped penguins. Have a look at some of our work below.










































Family and friends of the children were invited to look at our ‘All About Me’ booklets this afternoon which they had produced for their Home Learning Projects.  Have a look at some of their work here.


Friday 20th November 2015

This week we have been for a walk into the woods to help us gain inspiration for an ‘Into the woods’ story. In small groups the children made notes on what they could see, hear, feel and smell. The children then started to create their own stories using The Gruffalo as a template.






















In Maths we have been looking at repeated addition, we have also started to record these as multiplication sums. The children enjoyed  making ‘groups of’ objects from around the classroom. This helped them to work out their sums.


Maths multiplication



















Friday 6th November 2015

Our new topic for this half term is Celebrations. This week, Willow class have been finding out all about Bonfire night and why it is celebrated. The children have enjoyed creating their own posters with very important tips for keeping safe on Bonfire night.

The children also used tissue paper to create pictures of beautiful bonfires – a selection of which are shown below.

Bonfire picture



Autumn website



Latest News

Following our Concern Universal workshop for Global Hand Washing day , we have been busy choreographing and practising our hand washing dance. We are looking forward to performing to family and friends at the Harvest assembly.



Summer Term 2015

Willow summer 2015

 Latest News

Willow class are very focused preparing for our SATS next week. We will be completing a report on nocturnal animals. If you have any children’s books that would be appropriate please send them in with your child!

We are also planting lots of items in the school grounds, which all children have thoroughly enjoyed. If you happen to have any spare plants we would make great use of them.


Spring Term 2015

We are currently writing about Forest School and making a leaflet to help other children understand the process. In maths we are looking at fractions especially 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.

To continue with our DT work we are looking at villages. towns and cities and trying to classify them! The children have really enjoyed looking at what features a village have!


Welcome back to the Spring Term!

Our new topic is Our Local Environment. We are going to be researching Luston, Leominster and Hereford, looking at their physical features and the important people of our history. We are then going to compare Luston and Leominster to a big city in a different country.

After spending a week in Forest School last term, we have decided to give the ground a rest. We will be resuming FS as soon as the weather improves and the ground is less muddy!

We are looking at improving our writing this term, by ensuring our structure is fantastic. We will be looking at speech marks, speech bubbles and thought bubbles. We will even be looking homophones!

A very busy few weeks ahead!!


 Autumn Term 2014

11th November 2014

Wow, we have all been very busy in Willow Class. We welcomed one of our Governors, Mrs Weaver, into Willow class to help make poppies. We used different techniques to make them. All the children painted poppies, using potato printing. Other children made some out of felt and had to learn how to sew, which was a huge challenge!

We have displayed these (along with the rest of the school’s contribution) in the reception area, so come and have a look. There is a picture on our Facebook page!


World War One has been our theme for the past two weeks. The children have all really embraced the topic and have all learned so much. Make sure you ask your child all about WW1! We are making reports all about the trenches, including what types of animals found their way into the trenches, what diseases you might catch and what weapons were used!


Our KS1 performance rehearsals are now in full swing! Every child in KS1 has a part in Eddie The Penguin Saves The World! All parents should have received a costume letter. If any parents would like to come in to help make scenery please ask Miss Baker or Mrs Painter…!!


9th September 2014

This week we are excited to start our topic of Adventures. We are linking this across the curriculum so have been looking at the adventures of The Three Little Pigs. In English, we are going to create puppets and make videos retelling the story using the iPads. In Science we are going to look at materials, specifically linking this to the adventures of The Gingerbread Man.

In our Topic lesson we are going to look more closely at transport and how this aids adventures! This week we will focus on the history of flight and how the Wright brothers created the first plane. We will compare the first aeroplane to modern day aeroplanes.


Latest News 2013/2014


Monday 23rd June

This week we are preparing ourselves for next year. The children are going to be looking at giving any helpful hints and tips for the children joining us in Willow Class in September. This means looking at our daily routine and thinking about some good advice for the new children.

In maths we are recapping on all the knowledge we have learnt this year by solving lots of problems! This will really show how we work out number problems and which strategy we are using to solve them.

*Don’t forget there is no Forest School this week*


Monday 9th JuneThis week, Willow class are completing our nocturnal animal report. We have looked at all sorts of nocturnal animals including owls, foxes and badgers. Ask a child from Willow class and they will tell you all about it!We are continuing with our swimming lessons and the children have made so much progress! We are all gaining more confidence in the water and trying all sorts of new activities including putting our heads under the water, jumping off the side and swimming widths of the pool.
Week commencing 2nd June
Willow class have a very busy week ahead. We are looking forward to getting outside in the Forest School area on Thursday and linking this to our Science topic of ‘Living Things’.We are learning all about nocturnal animals this week, ready to write a non-chronological report on Friday. We have looked at badgers so far and learnt that they live in setts, eat all sorts of animals including frogs and prefer to come out at night!17th MarchThis week we are looking in greater detail at adjectives and how we can use these to up level our work. We are still looking at Time in maths – any opportunity to tell the time at home would be great! The children were asked to find the time around their home. We found out that time appears on many things and not just on the standard clock! We found the time on ovens, microwaves, mobile phones and tvs!We are looking forward to sport relief on Friday! Don’t forget to bring some wellies or trainers as we will be walking a mile around our school field.10th MarchWillow class are all very excited for our African Art day on Wednesday. We will making all sorts of wonderful African art and can’t wait for them to be displayed in the hall.We are going to make a clock in Maths. This is going to be very useful this week as we are learning all about time.  Willow class are taking part in a writing workshop on Thursday. An author is coming in to share their ideas and get us motivated and inspired to produce some outstanding writing. I am looking forward to seeing what the children write!Hopefully we will get some opportunities to get outside this week as the sun is finally shining.The Home Project letter went home last week. Unfortunately we found a letter left behind. Please can you check that you have had the letter, as the project needs to be completed by the end of March! Thank you.

3rd March 2014

This week Willow class are looking at speech bubbles, thought bubbles and speech marks. We are hoping to make a short story using these techniques using our brand new iPad.

We have been looking at fractions in Maths. This has included halves, quarters and even fifths.  We made a pizza out of paper and have used the toppings to help us understand fractions.

We are all excited for world book day on Thursday and have been busy making our character hats to wear on the day.

If any children would like to bring in their favourite book on Thursday, we would love to read them!



We played lots of different board games...

We played lots of different board games…

and had fun with dominoes!

and had fun with dominoes!