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Larch Class is taught by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Kilby.  In Larch Class we have 34 children: 16 year 3s and 18 year 4s.

Autumn Term 2019


Spring Term 2019

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After a well earnt festive rest, Larch have another exciting term of learning to look forward to during the Spring term.

The children will be going back in time to explore life during the Stone Age to the Iron Age in our topic lessons. Our writing stimulus will be based around our topic, using the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura to produce different genres of writing.

For our P.E. sessions this term, the children will be swimming at Halo Leisure Centre and we look forward to all the progress they make during this time.

As well as that, Larch will also be learning to play a new instrument after showcasing their impressive samba skills to the whole school at the end of the Autumn Term.


Autumn Term 2018

Summer Term 2018



Friday 25th June 2018

Larch Class performed their cornets to the rest of the school. They showcased what they had been learning in Wider Opportunities Lessons (WOPS) during the year. They played a variety of tunes which demonstrated the range of notes that they had learnt as well as their ability to read musical notation. Both members of staff and children were equally impressed by the level of playing and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Larch Class played with confidence and it gave them a chance to perform in front of an audience before preparing to perform at Hereford Sixth Form College.


Tuesday 24th April 2018

Today in P4C, Mr Morgan read the story The Tunnel. The story was about a brother and a sister that were not at all alike and argued all the time. After watching the clip we discussed the girls dilemma and how the characters changed through the story. Next, we discussed all the reasons why she should crawl throught the tunnel to find her brother as well as discussing reasons why she should not have entered. Here are the reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’.


-She should go into the tunnel because her brother may need her help.

-She should go through the tunnel because it could be a good adventure.

– She should go through the tunnel because she loves her brother.


– She shouldn’t go into the tunnel because it could be dangerous – she doesn’t know what’s at the other end.

– She shouldn’t go in because she hasn’t told anyone where she would be going.

– She shouldn’t go in because they need to be back by lunchtime.

-She shouldn’t go in because if Jack is in trouble, she would be in trouble as well.

After that Mr Morgan organised us into 2 lines where we used conscience alleys to uncover the dilemma even deeper. The children on one side of the alley represented the girl’s conscience to crawl through the tunnel whereas the other side represented the conscience that wanted her to stay outside. One child was chosen to be Rose and to walk through the conscience alley. It was up to the children on each side to persuade them. It was interesting to see some of us change our minds after listening in the conscience alley and it gave us a fantastic insight into the Roses emotions and feelings.



Spring Term 2018


Sport Relief

Larch thoroughly enjoyed their circuit training and aerobics with Miss Rouse. The children performed different exercises such as push ups, squat jumps and star jumps as part of sport relief.



Science Week


Wednesday 14th March 2018

As part of Science Week, Larch class were very fortunate to have Mr Sanderson visit. All children learnt about the Northern lights and had the opportunity to use headsets and IPads to experience them through the virtual reality app ‘Expeditions’. The children took different screen shots before using them in a short video about the Northern lights. Afterwards, we watched each other’s videos and discussed what was effective and things we would change the next time.





Herefordshire School Music Conference

Larch Class were proud to be invited to perform at the Herefordshire School Music Conference to showcase our Wider Opportunities cornet lessons with Mr Grove.  The performance was a great success:

Warming Up




Find out about our trip to The Judge’s Lodging with Redwood Class on their Class Page : Redwood Class Page



Autumn Term 2017




Spring Term 2017

Larch Spring 2017



Autumn Term 2016

Welcome back to the Autumn Term.  Larch Class have a busy term to look forward to.



On Wednesday 19th October, Trevor Hill visited Larch Class to tie in with our Science topic on animals and humans.  Children had the opportunity to see and handle a variety of small animals, plus have their photos taken with the animals.







This week Larch Class enjoyed a ‘Harry Potter’ Potions lesson as a stimulus to learn about capacity.  We had to create a potion using 5 different liquids that totalled 500 ml.   After that, Mr Morgan displayed a measuring cylinder on the interactive whiteboard to discuss the different measurement marks.

Our potion totalled 500 ml

Our potion totalled 500 ml

Carefully measuring our liquid

Carefully measuring our liquid

Larch Class display their potions

Larch Class display their potions


Summer Term 2016


Larch Summer 2016

This term Larch Class have lots of interesting topics to look forward to.

In Science we will be looking at animals, including humans.  We have already been fortunate enough to have our own class personal trainer come in to discuss a healthy balanced diet before the children created their own meal plans.

For our topic we are learning about rivers.  This will culminate in a trip to Elan Valley which will enhance the children’s understanding of rivers and dams.

We are taking advantage of the improving weather and have started athletics in PE.  The children will participate in a number of activities, revolving around sprinting, throwing and jumping.


Spring Term 2016

Larch Spring 2016


Larch Spring 2016 all topics


Larch Class have got an action packed term to look forward to. We will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians in our topic work as well as basing our Literacy on Ancient Egyptian fairy tales. Although we have said ‘goodbye’ to the ukuleles, the children will have the fantastic opportunity to learn tin whistle before demonstrating their skills during our Luston Musical Evening later on in the term. We welcome back Mr Hughes from the FA, who will be teaching the children football on Monday afternoon. The children will also have a chance to improve their swimming skills and gain badges during the term when we visit Leominster swimming pool for our termly slot. With all of these memorable learning experiences to look forward to and much more, Spring term will be one to remember.


Autumn Term 2015

Welcome back for the Autumn Term.  We have a busy term ahead with lots to look forward to.

Larch Autumn 2015



In our Art lessons we have enjoyed using papier mache to make sculptures of volcanoes.




















In Maths we have been learning about weight and mass.  We have used this knowledge to measure our ingredients for making cakes:






















The children thoroughly enjoyed learning Roman numerals in Maths. They applied their knowledge by creating bingo cards with appropriate Roman numerals on. After they had completed their boards, the class played a game of bingo to see who could fill their board in first.


Completed bingo card

Completed bingo card


Eagerly listening for their numbers

Eagerly listening for their numbers


Lots of fun, lots of learning

Lots of fun, lots of learning

In Science the children analysed how different surfaces affected the distance travelled by a toy car. Surfaces included tarmac, bubble wrap, carpet and tiles. The children learnt that the less friction there is, the further the car would travel as well as learning how to measure accurately and work collaboratively in groups.

Measuring distance travelled on tarmac

Measuring distance travelled on tarmac

Children measuring the distance on bubble wrap

Children measuring the distance on bubble wrap

Summer 2015 Larch Summer 2015     In Larch class we have been covering fractions in maths, including proper and improper fractions as well as identifying the equivalent decimals and percentages of the fraction. Children showed what they had learned through ‘fraction museums’ by using objects to replicate the required fraction, decimal and percentage:

2/4 is the same as 0.5


5/3 - An Improper Fraction

5/3 – An Improper Fraction

Rosie has been very busy with her fractions!

Rosie has been very busy with her fractions!

We have enjoyed tag rugby this term, for which the children have been showing lot of enthusiasm.  Through this, the children have improved their games skills, such as throwing, tagging and passing. The class are learning to play samba drums this term through their Wider Opportunities lessons and are looking forward to sharing what they have learned when they perform at the summer fayre.   Spring Term 2015 Larch Spring 2015

Maths Potion Lesson

In maths, to facilitate learning about capacity and volume, the children were required to make their own ‘magical’ potions.  They had five different liquids and were required to use different volumes of each liquid to total 500 ml.  As well as having fun, the children learnt to read volume scales and use their addition skills.

The secret formula...

The secret formula…


Measuring the correct volume of liquid

Measuring the correct volume of liquid


Potion making

The children with their completed potions

Chinese Writing Week For Chinese writing week, Larch Class covered the story of ‘The Chinese New Year.’ Throughout the week the children participated in many activities based around the story as well as making their own puppets before orally retelling the story on the IWB. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was very rewarding to see them having so much fun making the puppets as well as performing them so confidently in front of the class.

Rosie and Jack M carefully cut out their puppets for the show.

Rosie and Jack M carefully cut out their puppets for the show.


Larch Class proudly hold up their Chinese New Year puppets, I think you'd agree that they all look fantastic.

Larch Class proudly hold up their Chinese New Year puppets, I think you’d agree that they all look fantastic.

One of the groups orally retells 'The Chinese New Story' with their puppets on the IWB.

One of the groups orally retells ‘The Chinese New Story’ with their puppets on the IWB.

Larch Feb 2015   This term the children will be writing stories from imaginative settings.  They will be describing settings and characters using vivid description as well as creating ‘story mountains’ to structure their stories.  Examples of their work and progress will be shared on here with you. The children are also very excited to be starting swimming as well as gymnastics in their PE lessons.   Autumn Term 2014 This term in Class 3 we have lots to look forward to. The topics we are covering in Autumn term are: Literacy – Stories from historical settings Maths – Place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division Topic – Stone Age to Iron Age Science – Animals and humans Games – Tag rugby PSHE – New beginnings Here is a more detailed look at what we will be learning this term: Larch Class Overview of Term for website

20th October 2014 This week Larch Class will be carrying on learning about units of measure (time), reading analogue and digital clocks.  In Literacy we will be writing diary entries and investigating a crime scene which will form part of our shared writing week.  We will be continuing to learn new notes on our tin whistles as well as learning new songs.  I think you will agree that the class sounded fantastic during the Harvest Assembly last week.  On Wednesday we welcome Trevor Hill (animal and bird specialist) to Luston who will be bringing in and showing a variety of animals. 13th October 2014 This week we have lots to look forward to as the children will be performing a song and playing their tin whistles during Harvest Assembly.  They will be creating their shape poems in literacy and in maths will be learning all about different units of measure.  In science we will be identifying lots of questions to ask our special visitor, Trevor Hill (animal and bird specialist), who will be visiting the school on Wednesday 22nd October.  He will be bringing a selection of animals including meerkats, armadillos and snakes. We  can’t wait…. Stone Age to Iron Age  –  Creating a Cave Painting On Thursday we learnt that in the Stone Age, people used to paint on the walls of caves by mixing saliva, blood and the earth together to make a paste. Cave paintings would show how the Neanderthals might have lived and communicated in the Stone Age. To create the effect of a cave wall, the children tea stained their white piece of card. Cave Painting 1   When the card had dried, the children drew their images with chalk and pastels. The outcome was fantastic and their artwork looked very realistic. All the children enjoyed finding out about cave paintings as well as having lots of fun. Cave Painting 2     September 2014 The children from Larch Class have helped create the Base Camp which is looking fantastic as well as creating zip wires and their very own swings.  They had the opportunity to work with their buddies from Cherry class creating a sculpture from materials in Forest School including stones, sticks and mud. After they completed their sculpture they were asked to think of a story behind it. This week they have been working on their stories with Cherry class and we look forward to displaying their hard work around the school. This week in Larch class the children will be exploring 2 and 3-D shapes and their properties. They are also starting Shape poetry in Literacy as well as learning what calligrams are. Tag rugby will continue on Thursday and the children will have the chance to play small sided games focusing on applying the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks.


Jack made his own zip wire. It looks brilliant!

Rosie and her Forest School Buddies found three interesting items before incorporating them into a story.

Rosie and her Forest School Buddies found three interesting items before incorporating them into a story.


Summer Term 2014

9th June

This week the children will be working hard on their optional SATS papers in Literacy, Maths and Reading. Some of the children will be attending a small schools football competition later in the week at Marlbrook Primary School, hoping to be victorious. We are all looking forward to the World Cup and each child will have the chance to pick one of the 32 teams from a hat and follow their progress through the tournament. For the children whose teams reach the final there will be a small World Cup prize. The children will also have an oppurtunity to learn more about their chosen country as well as learning about probability. 20th May The children had a fantastic time presenting their Information texts in front of the class. It was very rewarding to see the result of all their hard work and research. The children also learnt how to present effectively using a confident clear voice, maintaining eye contact and, most importantly, smiling! This week the children will be putting all their knowledge and learning about teeth into a leaflet. In science the children will be looking at different types of teeth in herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, as well as looking at the foods these animals would eat. 14th May This week in Larch we will be continuing our Literacy topic (Information texts) and using all the research we discovered last week to organise in to a PowerPoint slideshow on ‘Teeth’. The children will be presenting their work in front of the class towards the end of the week which will provide a lovely opportunity to record them with our new iPads. In Maths the children will be learning informal and formal methods of addition including partitioning numbers and using column addition. In Science the children will be identifying the different types of teeth in a human jaw as well as learning why we have those different teeth. Hopefully the weather will be bright and dry enough for us to enjoy P.E. and games this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed athletics and rounders so far this term and are looking forward to the next few lessons. 28th April Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone had a great Easter. This term we have lots to look forward to including our new Literacy topic – Information texts where the children will be learning about the common features found in non – fiction and creating their own information texts with contents, diagrams and subheadings. In Science we will be learning about Teeth and Healthy Eating and the importance of a balanced diet, this will tie in really well with our topic Food and Farming. In Games the children will be doing Athletics and learning about a variety of events such as Sprinting, Jumping and Throwing. I look forward to seeing you in the next couple of days. 24/03/14 This week Larch class will be hoping to secure their badges when they go swimming on Tuesday as well as continuing their sequences in Gymnastics. After only 2 weeks the children have managed to perform a number of basic and advanced moves as well as mirroring them with a partner. In Numeracy this week we will be learning new methods to help us add and subtract including partitioning to help us add. In Design Technology the children will be creating their photo frames which when finished can have their beautiful mosaics in. Hope everyone has a great week! 17/03/14 Congratulations to all the Year 3’s for completing their pedestrian training successfully and safely last week, they represented the school fantastically. This week Larch class will be continuing their Literacy unit on Stories from other cultures as well as continuing their sequences in gymnastics – photos to be posted soon on the website so look out for those. 10/03/14 In Larch class this week we will be focusing on rounding two and three digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 as well as using estimation to predict totals. In Literacy we are starting a new topic – Stories from different cultures. Two of the year 4 boys will also have the privilege of wearing our brand new football kit when they tackle Stoke Prior in a football match Tuesday afternoon. Year 3’s will be completing their pedestrian training on Wednesday when they be putting the skills they have learnt to the test. Monday 3rd March Larch class have been learning about fractions in Numeracy.  We will be continuing our gymnastics this week – this was great fun last time.  The Year 3s have also got pedestrian training to look forward to – starting on Wednesday. We are still basking in the success of the home learning project where the children (with much help) created some wonderful chariots!  We will be taking some pictures of the chariots and then the children can bring them home. Have a look in the photo gallery for pictures  of our Home Learning Project on Roman chariots.