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Hello and welcome to the Redwood’s page

Miss Turner teaches the Redwoods, a mixture of years 5 and 6, where there are currently 19 children.  Please scroll down our page to find out what we have been up to and read our latest news. Enjoy!

You can view our 2 year plan for Upper Key Stage 2 here: Upper KS2 2 Year Planning 2018 – 2020

 Autumn Term 2019


Spring Term 2019



Autumn Term 2018

Autumn Term 2018

This term in Redwoods our main focus has been on WWI and the 100 year anniversary of the end of it. We have covered a variety of different topics including: how and why the war started, recruitment posters, war silhouettes, life in the trenches, uniforms, the role of women in the war and the role of animals in the war. We have built trenches and cooked and tasted trench cake!

WWI trenches




Trench Cake







Summer Term 2018



Spring Term 2018


Science Week

Redwood have had a superb Science week and have enjoyed lots of visitors in school. On Wednesday 14th March, they explored the northern lights with VR headsets and iPads and then produced an iMovie trailer from screenshots they took.

Visit our blog to see our fantastic work: (You might need to copy and paste the web address if the link does not work)

Larch and Redwood trip to Judge’s Lodgings

On a very cold January day, everyone in ks2 ventured to Presteigne to experience a day as a Victorian. The judge’s house was just as it used to be in the Victorian era. We took part in the chores carried out by the maids which included: making beds, filling a bath bucket by bucket and cleaning a carpet using tea leaves! We saw the court rooms, holding cells, dining room, drawing room, bedroom and bathroom which provided a snapshot of real Victorian life. I think we agreed that life now is slightly easier (and warmer!).





Autumn Term 2017

Please look at our sports page to see updates about our sporting fixtures throughout the year.


Investigating Materials

 During the autumn term the Redwoods have been investigating different properties of materials. We have carried out investigations to determine which variables: affect the rate of dissolving; are good thermal insulators (pictured below) and which are good electrical conductors. We have written scientific reports, labeled diagrams, draw graphs and recorded our conclusions.

‘I have really enjoyed our science topic on materials. Through fun experiments we have learnt about dissolving and soluble and insoluble substances’.  Year 6 pupil


Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week, Redwoods have been focussing on the story of ‘Wing’ – We have discussed the events that lead to the little humanling being able to fly away from the tormenting crows and how working together has so many more benefits that being alone. The quote that we have centered our stories around is by Luciano De Crescenzo We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.’ Everyone has created their own version of the story, using powerful vocabulary to portray the characters thoughts and emotions, as well as describing the settings and events of the storyline. During art we have also designed powerful silhouettes representing the thought that nobody should be left in the dark. As a school we enjoyed spending the day in odd socks celebrating the idea that everyone is different but we also the same.


Summer Term 2017

Cardiff Residential

News from Cardiff:

Having a great time so far! Really interesting trip to St Fagans, fascinating buildings from across the eras. The highlight was a tractor driven train ride around the park!


An evening boat trip around Cardiff Bay

Spring 2017

 Redwood Spring 2017

Autumn 2016

Redwood Autumn 1 2016

Shadow structures

During our science topic of light and dark we have carried out a series of observational drawings based on shadows. Each pupil chose a hold a pose and drew the corresponding shadow. We then sculpted pipe cleaners into matching shapes and covered them in tin foil.

Learning Lacrosse

Dan from Luctonians Rugby Club has been teaching us all a new sport called lacrosse. It’s fast, furious and a lot of fun!

Pumpkin Soup!

This week we enjoyed following a recipe and creating our own Redwood pumpkin soup – I think we were all surprised at how yummy it was!

Forest School Fun

We have all enjoyed lots of activities during our time in forest school. These have included: den building, fire making, smore eating, building a nest to insulate hot water, bridge building, seat and swing building and generally enjoying the outdoor environment!

The Lone Robot

Redwood Class have been writing stories based on the video ‘The Lone Robot’ which can be found at:  .

Here are a couple of pieces of writing which was produced: Robot Story by Aisling , My Robot Story by Amelie

Summer 2016

Redwood Summer 2016

 Green Fingers

Redwoods have been very busy outside preparing the vegetable patch for the growing season …





Sporty fun!

What a team the Redwoods are – independently they ran a whole afternoon of organised sporting activities for the rest of the school. They should all be proud of the number of smiles and the amount of laughter they produced.






What a lot of Luston talent!

Congratulations to all members of Redwood who took part in the talent show and a huge well done to Harriet who was the overall winner, with her beautiful singing!










Rock time!

The year 5s have been going to EMC, on a weekly basis, to use their MAC books and have created the most amazing ‘rock’ CD!!



Redwood’s fantastic residential to Condover Hall 2016











Our Local History Topic


We have had numerous visits and visitors to learn more about the Mortimer family who occupied our local area in the Medieval era …

We visited Ludlow castle for a day to take part in a Medieval festival. There was archery, surgeon’s workshops, tours of the castle, discussions on armoury, medieval dancing and even a mounted knight!













Hugh gave us a great talk on what life was like during this era and bought in lots of artefacts for us to see and try on!





We enjoyed a visit to Yarpole Church to inspire us to write a story based on our local history topic:


In Science we carried out an experiment to look at absorbency:


Spring Term 2016


Redwood Spring 2016



Our Home Learning Projects this term were based on The Romans:





The Redwoods enjoyed spending time in our Forest School during the Spring Term:

IMG_4074 IMG_4105


Autumn Term 2015


Redwood Overview Autumn 2015


Latest news from the Redwoods:

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and Harvest

The Redwoods have used pictures of the school during the four seasons and those of a combine during harvest to write emotive descriptions. They each wrote an individual description and then combined their ideas to produce a class version for each season which was performed during the harvest festival.


Luston Produce

During our Art lessons, the children have been studying Vincent Van Gogh’s work, focussing on still life, using pencil and then pastel. They have been using vegetable produce from the school garden as the stimulus.


Produce for art lesson


Will it conduct electricity?

Through our topic of electricity will have investigated the different properties of materials and discovered which ones will light up a bulb. The Redwoods searched the classroom for materials which would conduct electricity and the most extreme circuit which was created involved a chair leg, the ring binder of a reading diary and the door handle!




Not just a jigsaw . . .

The Redwoods have had to apply their knowledge of place value to successfully complete a jigsaw puzzle – a race against time!


Summer Term 2015



Redwood Summer 2015



Redwood Class are really excited about their residential next week.  Miss Turner’s teddy came into school on Friday and is looking forward to meeting all of Redwoods’ teddies on the residential.  Here is teddy getting to know the Redwoods whilst joining in a maths lesson:



Crucial Crew 2015

Have a look at what we got up to at Crucial Crew last week: Crucial Crew photos

Cookery at Wigmore

Redwood Class enjoyed a morning of cookery at Wigmore High School and learnt how to make Tanzanian Rice and Beans.

The Ingredients

The Ingredients



The End Product!

You can see more photos, and find the recipe, here: Redwood Cookery

Redwood Flag Flying High

Wow! What a proud moment – our flag design has been produced and has been spotted flying in Parliament Square.  An amazing achievement for all involved.

Redwood Flag Flying High

Redwood Flag Flying High

Bowling to Success!

This term we are very lucky to be having weekly sessions with Mr Smith from Luctonians Cricket Club.

We are focussing on a new skill each week to improve our cricketing skills within a match.  Obviously catching, throwing and bowling all play a big part, but as a class I think the general consensus is that batting is the most enjoyable part and we’ve all learnt a few top tips on how to make sure we don’t get out!


From seed to …

The Redwoods have been lovingly watching their seeds growing since the beginning of term, getting taller and taller.  They decided that the young plants needed slightly bigger homes, so during Gardening Club they replanted them into individual posts and secretly placed them in any free space around the school, Redwood’s classroom has run out of space and has more plants than children!

The vegetable patches are also springing into life with some chunky radishes already putting in an appearance and rows of lettuces not far behind.

Gardeners in Redwood Class have also been busy this week planting out box hedging plants to edge the new flower border:






Redwood Gardening 1



For the latest sporting news please click here.


Spring Term 2015


Redwood Spring 2015


 Masterchef Easter Style

To mark the end of the spring term the Redwoods once again put their Masterchef hats on. This time they were making the classic Easter nests – there are some things in life that no one can ever grow out off!
















On Wednesday members of Redwood Class spent much of the day outside working hard on the school garden area.  Have a look at what they got up to here: Gardening Day

Volcanoes, cakes, festivals, biscuits, cactus trees, cookies, dancers, dips, factfiles and pinatas . . . 

The imagination of the Redwoods did not let us down during our home learning project open afternoon. There was a feast of food, a collection of magnificent creations and a wealth of knowledge all compiled into very different representations of a symbol of Mexico. The pupils had let their interests in the country shine through and had worked very hard with members of their families to create a memorable object. Thank you to everyone for creating so much enthusiasm and putting so much care into their projects  – it’s so enjoyable to see which aspect each pupil has chosen to find out more about and replicate in their own style!



More photos of our home learning afternoon with the Cherries can be found here. 

The day the moon hid the sun!

From the moment the pupils arrived at school the expectations of the event were very high. As the classroom began to go dark, and the clock crept towards 9.30 am, I’m not sure how much energy was focussed towards the weekly spelling test! When we finally left the classroom to join the rest of the school on the playground everyone was extremely excited and I was so relieved when we managed to capture the moment the sun was hidden by the moon! Using a piece of paper with a small hole in we reflected the sun onto another piece of paper and watched as the sun lost its usual sphere shape and became a crescent. Sharing the experience with so many ecstatic children allowed the moment to become one to remember. Thank you sun for not letting us down in Herefordshire!








Multi-skills with the Cherries

This week in PE the Redwoods took charge. They were presented with a selection of equipment and briefed to design an activity suitable for 2-3 members of cherries to complete. They formed their own groups, organised themselves into space in the hall and created their own multi-skills station. As a group of over 40 children, ranging from 4 to 11 years old, they responsibly worked together and learnt from each other during an afternoon of high level activity. It was a pleasure to watch.




cherry 053cherry 029

cherry 054

Red Nose Masterchef ready for Mothers Day

 To add to the fun of Red Nose Day the Redwoods enjoyed creating a little parcel of goodies for their mum, or a loved one at home, for Mothers Day. There were lots of chefs with many different funny faces or wacky hairstyles working hard to cook some yummy fudge . . .











Making fuel efficient stoves

The Redwoods have begun the term by welcoming Jo Davies, from Concern Universal, in to teach us about the many different features of fuel efficient stoves.  She gave us an insight into the work that Concern Universal is doing in Malawi and the benefits that fuel efficient stoves can have.  These include the areas of health, education and climate. We all learnt how their health is affected through smoke inhalation whilst using open fires, how the children’s education (especially girls) is suffering through taking time off school to spend up to 8 hours a day, 3 times a week, collecting fire wood and how the rate of trees that are getting cut down exceeds those that are being grown resulting in longterm destruction of the environment. To combat these issues Concern Universal have initiated a project which focuses on educating members of local communities in Malawi on how to build and use fuel efficient stoves. Two million people use wood stoves so if they were all able to use the fuel efficient stoves they would save 1.6 tonnes of wood per stove per year resulting in a saving of 3.2 million tonnes of wood per year. Imagine the effect that would have . . .

Next we moved onto the practical side of making our own mini stoves following Jo’s instructions:


































What we were all aiming for!



  Autumn Term 2014

Investigating forces

During the last half term the Redwoods have been investigating the subject of forces.  This has included taking part in many experiments where the pupils have been involved in planning and executing the topic and then discussing the results and forming a conclusion.

Investigating upthrust and gravity through:

How many dice can be balanced within a set mass of plasticine?












Using straws, rubber bands, glue sticks, blutack and scissors, how many books can you balance on a bridge?
















Given a bin bag, a piece of card, 2m of string, 1m of sellotape and 3 sheets of newspaper, how would you successfully land a space egg?





































Musical instruments with a difference









 From meerkats to snakes . . .

We welcomed some visitors with a different to Luston Primary and enjoyed learning about the creatures of all shapes and sizes! Some of us were more comfortable around the more exotic characters than others!
























Harvest with a twist!

In true Redwood style we took a poem and made it our own! The pupils chose how they wanted to perform their parts and what they wanted to wear for the assembly, I was so impressed with the amount of effort that everyone had put into  creating their costumes which matched the fantastic acting skills of our very theatrical class.

Introducing the persuasive tomato, the annoyed pear, the versatile carrots and the bunch of grapes with attitude!!

A copy of the poem:


It’s not all about height!

Through our measurement based week we took the opportunity to take measurements of everyday objects, the school hall and most importantly to find out who had the longest stride (those who could do the splits had a slight advantage!).






















Man meets moon

During literacy we have swayed away from the Anglo-Saxons and met our science topic on the Earth, Moon and Sun which has assisted us in creating a newspaper report focussing on the first moon landing. We have watched videos, read articles and taken notes on the events of that famous day in July, 1969. We have spent time structuring the newspaper article to ensure it has included relevant quotes and interesting facts whilst being glued together with the 5w’s and honoury h that feature in journalistic reports (where, when, who, why, what and how). In addition, we have ventured further than the moon and embarked on a mission to Mars. We had a number of items available to take with us, of which we had to pick 6. There was a variety of chosen items which ranged from mobiles to bicycles! Each team chose their 6 items and then we discussed whether they were wise options or not . . .











A finished example of one of our newspaper articles:


Guided Reading Groups

For twenty minutes a day the Redwoods enjoy taking part in their guided reading/mathematical activities. They are split into five groups which rotate daily to allow each one to participate in different activities. Here is a range of different reading/mathematical materials that are used during the week:


Topic books

Topic books

Times table challenges on the iPads

Times table challenges on the iPads











Comic books or newspapers

Comic books or newspapers


Group reading

Group reading

Written tasks relating to their group reading text

Written tasks relating to their group reading text










Anglo-Saxon Masks

As part of our topic this half term the Redwoods have spent their art and topic lessons designing, creating and painting Anglo-Saxon masks. They started by looking at evidence of masks in the topic books and watching a video which focused on the finding of the Sutton Hoo mask. They had to decide what materials they were likely to have been made out of, which parts of the head and face they were designed to protect, how they were going to build them up using paper mâché and finally which colours they were going to choose to paint it.






Becoming Maths Detectives

Once a week the Redwoods become maths detectives and set about solving a mathematical investigation.  This week we enjoyed solving a puzzle which involved working in groups to piece together questions and answers relating to rounding. 













Redwoods Experience Life in the Forest

So far the weather has been kind to us and we have been able to enjoy our first few weeks of our forest school sessions. Along with the Willows we have built dens, created nature creatures, helped to build the base camp and assisted with coppicing the trees.





A snippet of each of us

Welcome back to life in the Redwood class! We have begun the term by sharing our collection of shoeboxes which the children filled throughout the summer with items that they thought represented their interests and character. It was great to have a little snippet of the hobbies and activities they enjoy and learn a lot more about each other.


This term in the Redwoods we will be entering into the land of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, tracing their reasons and methods of entry into Britain and their period of rule. Following our creative curriculum we will be combining elements of our topic with our literacy, art, and design technology lessons. This will include conducting research into the life, culture, art, craft, trade, daily life and the roles of our ancestors living during this period. In addition during science lessons we will be investigating different forces whilst looking at Viking long boats and writing a newspaper report on Neil Armstrong whilst learning about the earth, sun and moon. During PE we will be going swimming on a weekly basis and will start the term enjoying the last of the summer sun during athletics. As a class we are all very much looking forward to starting forest schools, again on a weekly basis, where we will learn different bush crafts and other outdoor and team building skills. Numerous sports matches have been arranged so there will be many opportunities for members of the class to represent the school during external fixtures as well as participating in a range of clubs during the school week which include: book club, kickboxing, hockey, netball, dance, recorders, football and cross country club. These clubs will run alongside music lessons and committees which voted individuals attend to represent their class members such as Eco club, the school council and the role of librarian. Members of the Redwoods work together to run the school’s Sports Crew which leads daily lunchtime activities and provides a student voice regarding sports provision within the school.

Having all enjoyed the freedom of the school break we are now enjoying the familiar daily routine and challenges that life in the Redwood class brings!

An overview of our topics for this half term can be viewed here: Overview Autumn 2014

Last Update of Summer 2013-2014

Wow, I cannot believe that it has come to the time where our year 6’s have up and left Luston Primary to venture out into the world of high school! As a school we wish them all the best for every aspect of their future life and hope that they can fulfil all their dreams – anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

I am currently putting together a yearbook and I am enjoying looking back at all the activities and events every member of the class has taken part in whether at school or on an external trip. As a taster here are a few of the events that the Redwoods have completed this year:

Three home learning projects

African art day

A National comic illustration competition

Creation of a new school mural

An anti-bullying workshop

Festive concerts in Leominster

Musical extravaganzas

Cookie investigations

Class debates

Poetry competitions

School sleepover

Trip to Hay Festival

Forest school

Sport relief

Sponsored walk

Acting out of a Hindu Wedding

Performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A science day at EMC

A maths challenge at HCS

Pond investigations

Crucial Crew

Bike Ability

A world record breaking online cooking lesson

Residential to Ufton Court

Leavers Trip to Oaker Wood

Numerous sports matches – football, netball, cricket, rounders, hockey, athletics, futsal, rugby

Numerous clubs – cricket, football, tennis, kickboxing, dance, netball, cross-country, book club

and many many more . . .


And of course these are in addition to the personal activities and achievements that have been successfully completed along the way!


I cannot wait to see what adventures will come our way as a new class of blossoming Redwoods from September 2014!!


Cookie Investigation

This week during our maths lessons (16th-20th June) we have been researching, designing and creating cookies and their packaging. First we spent time researching the main ingredients that were needed to make plain cookies and deciding as a group how many cookies we would need to make. As there were 5 teams we decided that we would need 60 cookies altogether and from this information we worked out the quantity of ingredients that would need to be bought for everyone and then the ratio of the quantity that each team would then need to measure out themselves. The teams designed a questionnaire to find out people’s opinions on their favourite flavour to be added to the plain mixture. These questionnaires were sent home and filled in and as a team they had to record the results and decide upon their ‘winning extra’ ingredient. A shopping list was written and the goodies were bought! The next job was to observe biscuit packets and find out what information we needed to put onto our packaging. A net of a cuboid was then decorated and constructed so each team was ready to start cooking. The variety of cookies ranged from fudge and cocoa, chocolate chip and cocoa, raspberry and white chocolate chips, Kit Kat and Rolo and fudge and green colouring. The teams worked hard together and produced some tasty cookies. The last task was to invite our chief tasters in, the Cherries, who voted for their favourite flavour. They were spoilt for choice and we ended with a three way winning tie.

image image








































Budding Poets

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Leominster in Bloom festival members of the Redwoods submitted poems into a ’30 word’ poetry competition. We were all very excited when we received confirmation that Lily Fisher and Trinity Beech had been short listed within their age category. Along with Mrs Freeman, the Beech family and the Fisher family we attended the official prize giving on Friday 13th June at The Grange in Leominster. We learnt that there had been 47 entries into the poetry category and the judges had had a hard job selecting the short list. The judges read out each poem in turn and then they announced the results. Lily received a certificate presented by the author Phil Rickman for being short listed and then Trinity was announced as the WINNER! She was presented with a cheque and a certificate and rightfully was beaming from ear to ear. Congratulations Trinity! We were all very proud of both the girls for their very well constructed poems and their supportiveness towards each other.

Rambling Redwoods

On Friday ( 13th June) the Redwoods hit the countryside with force! Armed with the Cherries they completed the annual sponsored walk through jungle like vegetation. Here are a few of the quotes of the day:

“Grass, mud, grass, mud, grass, mud, stile, mud!” Hannah

“I learnt that the younger children trusted us the older ones to keep them safe. Although it was a long and hard walk, it was so much fun as I was with my friends and the younger children too.” Joshua

“My favourite part of the walk was climbing over the stiles and walking through the very long grass.” Jasmine

“It was full of adventure, it was so muddy it was like an overgrown jungle and Niall and I were so tired.” Liam

“My favourite part of the walk was when I saw my brother smiling. It was so fun!” Trinity

“The long grass looked like a jungle cave to Poppy. I held her hand firmly the whole time.” Roxy

“A definite let’s go again!” Kate




An eventful day for the Redwoods . . .

On Tuesday (10th June) the Redwoods travelled in all directions across the county with one group of pupils attending a cricket and rounders tournament at Wigmore High School and a team of mathematicians attending a maths competition at Hereford Cathedral School.

The sports teams both played against schools from within our cluster, Kingsland, Orelton, Wigmore and Leintwardine. As these were our first cricket and rounders matches of the year the teams worked hard to gel together and displayed great team work throughout the day. There was some fantastic fielding during all the matches and the cricketers enjoyed watching the ball cross the boundary many times, whilst the rounders team enjoyed reaching that all important 4th post.


The rounders team

The rounders team

The cricket team

The cricket team










The mathematics team, accompanied by Mrs Tate, competed in a competition with 16 other schools. The team consisted of Lily Fisher, Kate Spencer, Jasmine Tomkins and Paige Williams. They had to complete many different rounds which all presented a new challenge such as a speed round, a problem round and a ‘countdown’ style round. They did extremely well and returned having had a tiring but enjoyable experience!


Book Club trip to Hay Festival

Today (Thursday 22nd May) members of the book club travelled to Hay to take part in Hay Fever, the school programme for the Hay Festival. We attended a session led by Peter Worley, a philosopher who promoted a lot of thinking from the children by posing questions such as: Once upon a time. The end. Is this a story? There were many mixed views about the answer and quite a few different reasons for the suggestions. Another session was led by the poet James Carter, who combined poetry recital with playing his guitar. He certainly entertained the crowd! The final session was led by Sarah Lean, the author of ‘Hero’.  She explained how she was inspired to write her stories based on her dog, Harry, after he became her hero. I’m sure we all have someone or a pet that we can relate to as our own heroes and turn to for inspiration for our writing.

The highlight of the day was meeting the authors, who signed our books and took their time to chat to the children.

James Carter

James Carter

Luston meets ...

Luston meets …





Sarah Lean

Sarah Lean

Peter Worley

Peter Worley














World Record Breaking Cooking Lesson

As a school on Friday (16th May) we took part in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Across the world children had an educational lesson which counted towards a record breaking 9 million children all cooking within the 24 hours. 9000 schools within the UK took part and together we all cooked a rainbow wrap. The Redwoods teamed up with the Cherries and we divided into two groups. The method involved grating carrots, cabbage and pears and then mixing a selection of yoghurt, vinegar and oil together to produce the dressing. The final stage was filling the wraps with the mixture and folding (in a variety of styles!) and enjoying!






























Planting for Shobdon Food Festival

As a class we have been busy planting a range of flowers and vedgetables in preparation for the competition on the 28th/29th June. Through our tender love and care  they have all successfully germinated and we have been amazed at how fast they have grown from day to day!



National success for Caitlin

A massive congratulations to Caitlin Downes who has won a national graphic novel competition organised by Raintree publishers. She had to add captions to pictures within a comic and she beat many other children from across the country to win first prize. She received a wide range of art materials for herself and a set of books for the school.

Summer 2014

Welcome back to another busy period of school life in the Redwood class. I can’t believe we are already into the third week of term, with only one week to go until half term. Madness! We have already fully emerged ourselves into our new topic, the Ancient Greeks, through listening and watching the Radio 4 production of The Wooden Horse of Troy. Story maps, comic strips and recounts of the terrifying experience of entering Troy inside the wooden horse, written from the viewpoint of a vulnerable soldier, have been produced along with fact files of life in Ancient Greece.

The year 6’s have been very busy preparing for their SATs, putting in 100% effort to ensure that they can be the best they can, and that’s all we ever ask!

This term we will be making the most of our outside environment during science by carrying out an environmental enquiry involving pond dipping, whilst also lighting up the classroom when investigating which materials are the best conductors within circuits.  The flowers we have planted for the Shobdon Food Festival are surprising us every day by their rate of growth and we will be resurrecting our Redwood veggie patch very soon! Art work this term will involve textiles and pattern which will be combined with our studies into Greek artefacts. Greek music will be studied during music and comparisons will be made between music then and now. Inspirational leaders is our theme within RE and will focus on individuals who have provided a positive influence upon our values and lifestyles today. PSHE lessons will centre around global communities and our understanding and awareness of them. Our sporting activities will hopefully be held outside, fingers crossed for the appearance of some summer weather, and will consist of cricket, tennis, athletics and multi-skills.

Our preparation for the production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has begun with the cast being set, lines being learnt and we’ve all had a giggle reading through the script together. The seeds have certainly been sown for what should be a very entertaining performance!

In the next few weeks we have multiple events to look forward to including: visits from the Courtyard Theatre, a whole school interactive cooking session with Jamie Oliver, a book club visit to Hay Festival, crucial crew, a visit from Mr Mwambo from Manyata (our link school in Tanzania), a musical concert for our Tanzanian visitors from all 9 link schools, Shobdon Food Festival, Bike Ability, our production at the courtyard, our performance of the play at school, sporting fixtures, sports day and the pinnacle of the term for the year 6’s, the leaver’s trip!

All in all we’re all set for another cracking term!

Please click here to view our topics for this term: Redwood overview of summer term



  Ufton Court Residential Visit: 31st March to 3rd April

Monday 31st

The group arrived safely at lunch time in beautiful sunshine and settled in to the accommodation.  The afternoon was spent exploring the fantastic grounds, taking part in historical photo mapping and making wattle and daub houses (not full size!!).  After a busy day everyone was ready to find their beds soon after 9.00 pm and all were silent by 10.00 pm.

Tuesday 1st

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, the Redwoods enjoyed number of fun activities today including archery, brass rubbing and orienteering.  The weather was fantastic and a great opportunity to toast marshmallows over a fire pit!

Wednesday 2nd

After another good night’s sleep the Redwoods are looking forward to plenty more activities including a treasure hunt.  The highlight of today may well be the banquet this evening – hopefully lots of photos to follow of everyone in costume!

Thursday 3rd

The Redwoods arrived back at Luston late afternoon after a very tiring, but enjoyable trip.

[SinglePic not found]

Have a look in the Gallery for more photos.

Sport Relief 2014

On Friday 21st March the Redwoods dressed up in their sporting gear and took to the school grounds. They took to the challenge like ducks to water and instead of just completing the four laps of the course to clock their mile walk, they walked or ran a grand total of 57.5 miles between them! Congratulations everyone for contributing to the challenge with such enthusiasm. Here are a few of the happy walkers/runners and some fantastic sporty outfits . . .








Whole School African Art Day

On Wednesday (12th March) the whole school took part in an African themed art day.  The Redwoods took their inspiration from some canvas paintings that Miss Turner had brought back from Tanzania. The paintings used a background of beautiful oranges, reds and yellows to create sunsets whilst in the foreground there were either scenes of safari animals, African women carrying water or African dancers. These were painted in black so that when you held the canvas up to the light it created a silhouette.  First the class sketched their scene onto paper, then they blended a mixture of chosen colours onto the canvas to create the sunset background and then finally added the black paint to form the silhouettes. The results were very effective and depict very traditional African scenes.

Artwork from Arusha, Tanzania

An African sunset



Artwork from Luston, Herefordshire




Take one of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Following on from our visit to The Courtyard last week, on Thursday (6th March) we welcomed Kate from the theatre into Luston to start our drama workshops in preparation for our summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We were due to have our first rehearsal before half term but due to the floods this was not possible so this session was the initial stage of the course which involved the Redwoods becoming familiar with the storyline through role play and freeze framing. We all had to listen extremely carefully due to the complicated plot and number of characters involved in the storyline but by the end of the session we had begun to recognise the main events of the play and had chosen our favourite characters! There are so many talented actors and actresses in the Redwoods it is going to be very hard to decide who is going to be cast which part. We are all looking forward to Kate returning to work with us on the 20th March.















The Redwood’s Home Learning project for Spring 2: Mud Huts Home Learning

We are looking forward to sharing our creations during the afternoon of Thursday 10th April at 2.30pm. Miss Turner is very excited to see the range of ways in which the mud huts will be created!

Redwoods take to the stage

On Thursday (27th February) the Redwoods visited the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford to take part in a series of workshops which involved working alongside musicians from The School of Music. Four schools attended and were split into two groups. Luston Primary school was paired with Shobdon Primary and they worked together during two sessions which led to a final performance.  The day was themed around World War I and the pupils acted out scenes which showed the different stages of a battle. They performed each stage alongside live musicians who used a variety of instruments to depict the range of emotions the pupils were displaying in their acting. The children then performed their interpretation of a battle to the other group of schools and were able to watch the outcome of their sessions.  The atmosphere that was created when the music and the acting was combined was quite breathtaking and the pupils should be very proud that they all contributed to the very emotional creation that completed the day.

“The music made me feel quite tense.” Jasmine Tomkins

“I was amazed at how quickly the musicians composed a piece of music to fit with our acting.” Lily Fisher

“I hope we can go again.” Roxanne Stuchbery



The Redwood’s Home Learning project for Spring 1: Maasai Home Learning .

We are looking forward to sharing our creations during the afternoon of Thursday 6th February. From the snippets of information Miss Turner has heard she is very excited to see all the different ideas being brought to life!

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The Redwoods – October 2013