When pupils join Class 1, great care is taken to integrate them into ‘big’ school and make them feel at home. Children are assessed just before their first half-term. Parents/carers will be invited to discuss this Baseline Assessment and ways in which you can be involved in your child’s education.

All pupils follow the National Curriculum. The core subjects – Mathematics, English and Science are taught consistently and differentiation within each class allows each child to work at his/her own level of ability, independently or collaboratively. It is very rare for the National Curriculum to be disapplied.

Foundation subjects;- History, Geography, Art, P.E. Music, Design/Technology, Information Technology are all taught as is Religious Education. Conversational French is taught in Years 5 and 6. The Literacy Hour and Numeracy Strategy are being implemented throughout the school.

The school has guidelines to prepare the children for citizenship, attitudes to the world they live in and economic understanding through interaction with local businesses. The School’s assessment policy ensures progression through continuous monitoring. Middle infant screening takes place at 6+ and 7 year olds are formally tested through the National Curriculum SATs in the core subjects. Reading and Spelling is tested regularly throughout their time at school. Key Stage 2 SATs take place during the summer of Year 6. These are marked externally.