Hazel Group

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Hazel Group is taught by Mrs Kilby on four mornings per week.  These Year 5 children join with the rest of Redwood Class for the rest of the week.

Autumn 2017

Summer Term 2017



Autumn Term 2016




Trip to Waverley House



This fortnight we have been studying recounts. We have held a position of great responsibility! We have been detectives! A strange and unusual event took place last Tuesday, when a large amount of lily pads were found left in school, on top of shelves, on the walls, in the cloakrooms. The question was: How did they get there? A great deal of investigating took place. Interviewing witnesses before we finally wrote our police report.


We have been very lucky to have visitors from the village to speak to us. On Monday Mr and Mrs Bell came to talk to use about their experience during the Second World War. We found out about Mrs Bell being evacuated and Mr Bell living near the Blitz. The children were eager to ask questions and this opportunity gave us an invaluable insight into life during this period.



In Hazel Class we have enjoyed a unit on Historical stories set in World War 2.  Everybody was so enthusiastic and interested, especially when exploring the historical sources from the time.


Children completed fantastic home projects about evacuation, we all found out lots of new and interesting facts.  Georgia was a wonderful journalist interviewing her grandma.


We pretended we were evacuees, thank you to all the children who made gas mark boxes and labels for their coats.  It all added to the experience.




This week in maths we have been finding out about common multiples.