Homework refers to any work or activities which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parents or carers.

(Homework: Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Schools – DfEE – Nov. 1998)

Type and Amount of Homework

Recommended time allocation for homework (DfEE Homework Guidelines – November 1998):

Reception Homework will not be set but we would suggest that 10 minutes shared reading per night would be beneficial.
 Yrs. 1 & 2 1 hour per week Reading, spelling, literacy & numeracy
  Yrs. 3 & 4 2 hours per week Literacy and Numeracy.  Occasional assignments on other subjects.
Yrs. 5 & 6 2-3 hours per week  Regular weekly schedule.  Continued emphasis on literacy & numeracy, but also ranging widely over the curriculum.


Yrs. 1 & 2  Reading 10 minutes per evening (on days when other homework is set, this is only suggested).
Spellings 10 minutes per week
Literacy/Numeracy 15 minutes per week
Yrs. 3 & 4 Literacy/Numeracy sheet 30 minutes per week
Spelling 15 minutes per week
Reading 10/15 minutes per evening
Yrs. 5 & 6 Literacy/Numeracy sheet 30 minutes per week
Spellings 20 minutes per week
Reading 15/20 minutes per evening
Range of Curricular activities (e.g. Science) 20 minutes per week