The computer is a valuable tool and all children in the school will have the chance to become proficient. There are many ways in which the computer can be used – data handling, adventure programs to promote logical thought and memory training; reading and spelling skills; computational skills; keyboard skills; and word-processing programs which open up new areas in writing.

Children can see and produce perfect copy in a variety of print styles and sizes. Pupils also have opportunities to be involved in control technology using “Roamer” – a robot – and in modelling using the computer mouse. The school is continually updating and improving its equipment. As well as access to the Internet, scanners and cameras are used with the older children.
Recently, an ‘Interactive Board’ was fitted in Class 5 and has been a huge success. The board is operated by a computer and allows the children to write using a magic pen, but with all the benefits of a computer.

Improving ICT delivery is a key objective for the school over the next 3 years.