Manyata – Tanzania Link

Miss Davies visits Tanzania  –  February 2019

Miss Davies has arrived in Tanzania – her are some photos that she has sent us:




Mrs Freeman’s Visit to Tanzania – February 2015


You can read all about Mrs Freeman’s visit to Tanzania hereMy Visit to North Tanzania

 Have a look at Mrs Freeman’s photos:

Messages from Mrs Freeman:


“It is very hot here.  We have been for lunch with Mr Mwambo and spent the day visiting schools with him.  I was impressed that he managed to wear his suit all the time in this heat.  We have been for a walk through the woods with blue monkeys throwing fruit at us!  We have received great hospitality in the schools and had a meal in all three that we visited today.  We will be visiting Manyata School (Luston’s link school) tomorrow (Wednesday) – great excitement!”


“Have had a fab day.  Very very hot!”

Mrs Freeman has learnt some Tanzanian which Redwood Class have translated: “Jina lagou ni Mary.  Nina toka schule Luston.  Luston rifiki na manyat” – “My name is Mary.  I come from Luston School.  Luston are friends with Manyata!.

“Had a fantastic time with Julius Mwambo (Head Teacher at Manyata School).  All staff at Manyata are lovely.  Meeting Mrs Mwambo at their house tomorrow. Mr Mwambo loved the tree picture (ask your child about this!).


“Spent a fantastic day at Manyata Primary School today.  I saw all of the trees which were planted last year – everyone referred to them as Miss Turner’s trees.  We planted another tree to mark the occasion of the visit.  I went back to Mr Mwambo’s house and met his family.  The children at Manyata school are busy writing letters for me to bring back to Luston.”

We hope to post more news from Mrs Freeman as we receive it.

Miss Turner’s News from Tanzania – February 2014


As you will probably be aware, Miss Turner has gone out to Tanzania, to visit our link school, Manyata Primary.  This has been arranged through the ‘Connecting Classrooms Project’. The project will involve both Luston and Manyata carrying out tree surveys, logging temperatures and rainfall data along with learning about the effect of the earth’s rotation on shadows.  Each school will also learn about the life cycle of trees and the importance of each stage for maintaining a healthy environment.  All the work will then be shared between the two schools.

You can view Miss Turner’s photos of her visit here (apologies about the orientation of the photos – this will be resolved soon…):  Tanzania photos Miss Turner 2014

Day one

Jambo! Had a long trip over but caught up on sleep and just had a very cold shower so we’re ready for the day. Saw Maasai with animals and lots of bananas and coffee and donkeys with carts on way from the airport. Went to a beautiful lake last night in the sun but the rainy season has started over night and it is seriously wet now! Could beat the UK! Off to meeting with director of college now then a market, an Eco farm and visiting Manyata tomorrow. Everyone very impressed by our 600 pencils!! Hope all ok in UK.

Day two

The rainy season started early overnight and it’s definitely not hot! Amazing storms all day. Got stuck on an Eco farm waiting for a vehicle to be fixed and pulled out of mud as roads are just very holey mud tracks. Had a very interesting afternoon at a farm and made it home. Off to Manyata Primary tomorrow unless it rains too much as roads will be impassable. Going to try and find some wifi to send you video of storms and pictures. Slowly getting used to living in room.

Day three

Fanatastic day today. Sun shone and managed to get to Manyata. It was a 30 minute trip down a very rough dirt track, with the trees I had bought tied on the roof with banana leaves. I bought 2 lemon trees, 5 moringa trees, 10 gravillea trees, 10 mango, 10 orange and 5 avocado trees. They were overwhelmed with the gifts and the head teacher was quite emotional about the children’s 600 pencils and the staff passed around the bear and hugged him! They said that they knew how to look after the trees and wanted to pass on sincere thanks to the staff, parents and pupils. They were learning English at a higher level than our pupils but not sure on their understanding of it!

Day five

Jambo! First sunny day today, electric on and no storm as forecast! Been to buy 60 textbooks for Manyata costing 642300 Tsch. Buying footballs and netballs tomorrow. Last day of visiting schools tomorrow  and hopefully a trip to the market. Hope Redwoods have been ok. Love from everyone in Tanzania!

Day six

Half term!! Finished a jam packed week of visits. Bought balls and books and written a letter to the head for when they’re delivered. Good storms again today. Lenny the lizard has moved house! Early start tomorrow for next set of adventures.

Day eight

We have seen a pride of lions eating a buffalo. Had the most amazing two days. Have seen cheetah, elephants, hippo, rhino, giraffe and millions more. Feeling very lucky. It’s been cloudy all day here! Now in lovely hotel with hot showers and electricity. Bliss! Going to a lake tomorrow then back to Arusha for one night before flying home. So many experiences to tell you about!

Electric is now off in hotel! Sat waiting for dinner in restaurant in pitch black. So yet again no food or electric!

 Final Update from Miss Turner:

Had a lovely farewell meal last night with all the lecturers from the college and friends of the Leominster Tengeru link. They have all been so welcoming and we feel like we have known them all for a lot longer than 10 days. I’m now sat at 5 am in Doha airport in the middle of flights, 5 hours gone and 2 still to go! I’m filling the time going through all my photos and videos from a life changing week. All the children were so happy to see us and never failed to be smiling. They sang us lots of songs and we taught them ‘heads and shoulders’ and ‘if you’re happy’!! I am coming home with so many fantastic memories but the one that stands out the most is all the children, however old, filling up their containers of water at school, which the project has funded in many schools over the years, and then seeing them carrying it home on their heads. Such fundamental things like water we take for granted where as they just don’t have it readily available. Other highlights are watching the teacher’s faces in Manyata Primary as I handed out the stationery and gifts you all gave them and teaching them how to play cricket in Nganana Primary.
I hope to be able to put together a video when I get back that showcases all the experiences I have had during my time in Tanzania.
Only a few more hours until I return to wet Herefordshire and I’m very much looking forward to a meal that doesn’t include rice!!!

Goodbye from a tired Miss Turner in Doha!

We look forward to seeing Miss Turner back at school after half term to hear all about her amazing experience.