Numeracy / Mathematics   maths01

The school has recently purchased the Abacus maths scheme and this in in use throughout the school. The National Numeracy Strategy has been introduced successfully, giving greater emphasis to the development of mental skills. Our work also includes opportunities for solving mathematical problems relevant to the individual’s age and development. The growth of mathematical thinking and the development of skills and growth of knowledge are essential in a rapidly changing world. The learning of tables is encouraged and practice at home is necessary. Maths homework is regularly issued and parents/carers are asked to support the school by ensuring that homework is completed on time (see also Homework Policy).

Calculators allow a greater range of activities such as maths, investigation, problem solving and playing with mathematical ideas. They are used extensively in the world today and a sound grasp of their use is a necessary skill. Computers are also used in maths. They are used in supportive programs like tables, fractions, and simple operations. There are major problem-solving programs that need logic and applied maths.

We have a range of investigation programs that explore aspects of maths. As well as these, we have Logo, which is a language for computers that means the only limit to the maths. is the imagination of the child, which we aim to expand.

Within the framework of the National Curriculum, we aim for our children to achieve understanding and competence at appropriate levels in:-
number, algebra, geometry, statistics and graphical representation, problem solving, practice of known skills and the challenge of new investigations.