Autumn Term 2019





Spring Term 2019


Spring Term Topic 2019

What a fun filled Spring term we have had here at Luston Nursery, exploring both hot and cold climates. The children have enjoyed a balance of both adult and child led learning as we have discussed what animals live in such a climate and what techniques they may need to survive. We have also discussed food that we may eat in hot and cold countries and the children had the opportunity to taste new fruits. We have listened to the child’s voice and changed the role play area as the children have enjoyed having many different jobs. A vet, mummies and daddies and princesses and princes are just a few.


Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Forest school has been a huge success this term, we have enjoyed listening and looking for birds. The children also helped to build a bird watching hide out. This soon became a jail that Laura had to spend the rest of the session in! We have discussed what food birds may eat and put our ideas into practice making some delicious bird food.

The children mostly enjoy digging for worms and used rulers to recognise the different lengths, comparing ‘big and small’ numbers. We have also had lots of music making using many different objects to make a variety of sounds, we have had many concerts varying from opera to rock and roll. Therefore, we decided a stage would be the perfect thing to make with the children.





We have explored the environment around us and learnt what animals might live in our climate.

We came across a big muddy puddle. We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it, so we had to go through it!

Mindful Mondays

We have also introduced Mindful Mondays where the children observe the importance of recognising what our bodies are telling us.

We have also recently started our ‘gentle touch’ session at the end of the Mindful Monday session. This is when the children use their hands to make gentle patterns on another child’s back, linking the patterns to a short story being told.

We always remember to ask the person we are going to touch if it is ok to touch them before beginning.

Funky Fingers

We have introduced a new Funky Fingers table and have provided the children with lots of opportunities to mark make on a large scale and also when lying on our tummys. This is to focus on strengthening the children’s fine motor skills as we prepare them for their writing journey. These activities can also be introduced at home.

Phonics evening

Thank you to all parents who attended the phonics session, we hope this was helpful and provided you with the information to help you deliver phonics confidently within the home environment.

For parents who did not have the opportunity to attend, or if you would like to know more, please see the link below for some helpful information:



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 Autumn Term 2018



Here is our latest newsletterNursery News Sept 2018

 Summer Term 2 2018

What a busy half-term and now we are ready for the Summer holidays!

This half-term,  the children have learnt all about the traditional fairy tale, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ , followed by a trip to ‘Newbridge Farm Park’!  The children had the opportunity to hold the baby chicks,  feed the pigs and explore the play park. Most of all we enjoyed ‘the bumpy tractor ride’ and it was great fun!


Our Nursery children, joined the school to participate in a  ‘family workshop’ that involved the children and their families to decorate a pebble.  There were a variety of eye catching designs, that included a rainbow, ladybird and a whale to name just a few.  It was a lovely community event and it was great to see so many families supporting the event.

Summer Term 1 2018

‘Growing, Growing, Gone’ has been the topic this half-term. Laura has purchased caterpillars that have enabled the children to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children have recorded the changes in their own diaries to show the growth from a caterpillar to a butterfly, before releasing them into the environment. Our main stories for this half- term have been ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have been busy planting beans and they have learnt what plants need to grow. This has linked to healthy lifestyles and what we need to grow.  The children have brought in their baby photos and they have shared how they have changed from a baby.  This led to an opportunity to model how to bath a baby. We talked about how to hold the dolly to support the head and how to stretch the clothes to dress a baby. As a result we have observed lots of lovely role play!

‘I am the cow that was sold for beans’

Repeating patterns on fruit kebabs!


Here is our latest newsletter: Nursery News April 2018

Spring Term 2018

This half-term we have been celebrating, ‘National Science Week’. We were lucky to have received a visit from Angie who brought along a variety of different animals. These animals helped us to learn about how animals belong to different  groups such as insects, amphibians and mammals. Our nursery children listened beautifully and showed courage to hold an animal. FANTASTIC!

We also learnt about volcanoes and Jules demonstrated what a volcano looked like when it exploded using bicarbonate soda, fairy liquid and vinegar.   The children were excited to watch what happened. After the experiment Oscar asked Chloe to help him draw a picture of a volcano erupting.

‘A volcano lava coming out’




The story, ‘Lost and Found’ has been the focus during spring term 1. It is about a penguin that lived in the Antarctic and he was feeling lonely. The story led to many activities to help the children learn about cold continents. We watched a short video from the BBC ‘frozen planet’ about emperor penguins and how they survive in freezing conditions. It was a lovely opportunity to carry out our own experiment to find out, ‘how does a penguin keep warm?’

It was interesting listening to the children’s answers. Oscar said, ‘it needs scarf, clothes and gloves.’ Albie said that ‘Penguins like fish to eat and that they have sharp beaks.’ Oscar furthered this idea and said, ‘they jump onto the ice floats and catch fish.’

We talked about other animals that live may live in the South Pole and Frankie suggested a ‘Polar bear.’

We then decided to carry out an investigation and the children felt some ice to discover how cold it is. Next we investigated how the feathers keep a penguin warm. Lizzie put on some gloves that helped keep her hands warm, however the children noticed the gloves became wet. But we needed to know how animals stay warm when they are wet?

Next the children covered their fisted hands with lard. The children placed their hands in the ice water and they were shocked at how their hands stayed warm. We discussed that the fat represented the thick layer of blubber and insulates a penguin’s body from the cold even in water.

We pretended that we were the penguins and we huddled together to keep warm from the snow blizzard.

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Trip to the Severn Valley Railway – 5th December 2017

 Our trip to the Severn Valley Railway was a huge success and the children loved the experience of travelling on a steam train. Santa came on board to deliver presents and we sang ‘Jingle Bells’. However, I think the children were most excited to meet the snowman. The children were beautifully behaved. A big thank you to Rowan’s Daddy for helping to care for the children and it was lovely that some Mummies and other family members also came along.

This half-term the children have been celebrating Halloween. The children had their own Halloween party, played pass the parcel, musical bumps, enjoyed delicious party food and played marsh mellow bobbing!

Linked to Halloween the children were interested in wolves and we read the story, ‘Good Little Wolf’. The children enjoyed making the little pig houses using crates and tying them together with string. We also drew the features of the big bad wolf and the children described what the wolf looked like.

The children love to make marks with paint brushes and water. Lots of lovely immersed learning through play.


Playing silly soup. These children chose to learn their sounds. Fantastic independent learning.

Autumn Term 2017


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We love to listen to different stories, especially those that link to our farming topic. One of our favourites was ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’.


Enjoying snack together


Summer Term 2017

Our Learning Journey at Springtime


Spring is one of my favourite times of the year and we were delighted to welcome Adam the farmer to our setting. The children were excited to meet the lamb and they were confident to feed the lamb with a bottle.


We teach letters and sounds in a fun and sensory way at Luston Nursery and the children are enjoying experimenting with marks and writing the letters in their name.

The picture below shows how a child is using paint to formulate the letter ‘o’ underpinning the mnemonic ‘all around the orange’.

Princesses and princes has been the theme this term. The children have enjoyed the fairy tales ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and what better way to end the term with our very own Cinderella ball.

It was an opportunity to invite parents and for the children to show how they dance in their best dresses, followed by a delicious banquet.

We have also been exploring signs of spring in the forest and the children have been drawing their own representation of trees in the spring in comparison to the winter.

For example: Arlo said ‘trees have leaves on them in the Spring’.



Spring Term 2017



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Nursery Spring Term Plan 2017



Throwing snows balls that landed in Jules Pocket

Throwing snows balls that landed in Jules Pocket – see photo below



Making marks in the snow

Making marks in the snow




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Autumn 2016

You can read our latest newsletter here: Nursery News December 2016

We have had another busy and fun Autumn Term 2.  Here are just a few of the headlines to celebrate with you:

This half term brought a lovely opportunity to tune into our children’s interests. We observed that the children loved reading the ‘Gruffalo’ story. Therefore we decided to create our very own Gruffalo Cave to enable the children to retell the story. The children were invited to share their ideas and thoughts about the Gruffalo and we planned a week of activities linked to the story that included: hunting for the Gruffalo in the woods and making delicious Gruffalo crumble.





Hunting for the Gruffalo in the deep dark woods!

Hunting for the Gruffalo in the deep dark woods!

This term, we have focused on activities that helped the children develop their fine motor skills. For harvest we learnt about the story of the Little Red Hen and planted the wheat, just like Little Red Hen. The children buttered and tasted bread, investigated pumpkins and courgettes and used hammers to bang the golf Ts into the pumpkins.






We celebrated science day and we read the story ‘Pond Goose’. This helped the children think about the concept of light and dark. We also discussed hard and soft materials and grouped the materials.



Our continuous provision ensures that children can access a wide range of activities independently. The children have loved completing puzzles and sharing stories with each other.

capture_2016-11-04_11-39-54 - Copy


Thank you to our parents for donating the pallets which meant we have made a very own mud kitchen. The mud kitchen has been a favourite with our younger children. Digging and then cooking wriggly worm cakes.


At Halloween the children loved dressing up in their favourite ghost and ghoul characters. We read Winnie the Witch and made our own magic potions.

A pumpkin riding a bicycle

A pumpkin riding a bicycle

Autumn Half Term 1

This half-term we have been helping the children settle in and we have planned activities through nursery rhymes.  The children have enjoyed learning all about Humpty Dumpty and investigating what happens when the egg rolls off the wall.

"Look, the egg has cracked."

“Look, the egg has cracked.”


Making Cakes

Making Cakes


Spring 2016

Here is our most recent newsletter: Nursery News May 2016

At Luston Nursery we plan a literacy focus each week based on a story. The children help to plan the activities and tell us what they would like to learn linked to the story.  This starting point then links to the children’s learning within all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ was a favourite. The children felt sad that Goldilocks had eaten the porridge and asked to make vegetable soup, for the bears. Good fine motor control was required to cut the potatoes, peppers, mushrooms and carrots. The vegetable soup was delicious!



SPRING TERM 1 2016 094


SPRING TERM 1 2016 095


SPRING TERM 1 2016 096

SPRING TERM 1 2016 104


Friday mornings is PE and dance! The photos show children pretending to be Goldilocks on her adventure through the forest. The children had to balance bean bags, weave in and out of canes, swim through the pond and crawl under the cave until we reached the bears cottage! Characteristics of effective learning – good concentrating!



Characteristics of effective learning - good concentrating!

Characteristics of effective learning – good concentrating!


SPRING TERM 1 2016 119

Look at my portrait of Goldilocks


Tuesday morning is outdoor learning. The children found a crater in the forest and we think it was the Aliens in Underpants!






Making mud pancakes

Making mud pancakes



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Mathematics – All about Number Sense!








Autumn 2015

Here is our October newsletter: October 2015

June 2015

This half term we are learning all about superheroes.  We decided to use this theme for the School’s Wear What You Like day and all dressed up as either a superhero or a princess.  What fantastic costumes everyone!




April 2015

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March 2015

We had lots of fun on World Book Day with children and staff sharing favourite books.

Laura dressed up as a character from her favourite book – can you guess who she is?

Laura dressed up for World Book Day

Laura dressed up for World Book Day

February 2015

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November 2014

You can read our latest Newsletter here: November 2014 Nursery News

Welcome to the Autumn Term! 

We hope you have all had a good Summer break. We have welcomed eight new children to the Nursery this term and they are all settling in well. We now have 21 children on roll and many of our sessions are now full, fantastic news as we have only been in operation for two terms.  We have now started a waiting list for those wishing to start with us at Luston Nursery, so please do get in touch if you are interested in a place for your child. Nursery September 2014

Our latest newsletter is now available to view: Nursery News September 2014

Summer 2014

Find out what we have been doing this month: July 2014 Read our latest newsletter here: Nursery News June 2014 Here are some photos of what we have been doing in the Nursery this term: [Gallery not found]

March 2014

Due to increasing numbers, we now have a vacancy for a Nursery Assistant – have a look on our Job Vacancies page.  Do give us a call if you are interested and would like to come and have a look around.

February 2014

Please read our recent newsletter:  Nursery News February 2014  

January 2014

Our Nursery is now up and running.  The children are settling in well and enjoying the fantastic new setting.

November 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have now appointed Liz Davies as our Nursery Supervisor and Chloe Lambert as Nursery Assistant. If you are interested in putting your child’s name down for the Nursery, please get in touch, spaces are filling up fast.

September 2013

Building work has now been completed  and equipment has been ordered.  Do come along to our Open Morning on Thursday 3rd October between 9.30 am and 11.30 am to have a look at what we have to offer.  The room is looking fantastic:

July  2013

Building work has now commenced on our spare classroom.  We expect the nursery, plus wraparound care, to start in January 2014.  Please get in touch with us if you would like further information. Watch this space for photos of progress…..   11th July – Work has started on the kitchen area:[SinglePic not found] 16th July – The kitchen area progresses:

nursery tiling