All children follow the National Curriculum in P.E. In all Physical Education pupils are made aware of health and Safety issues. This includes gymnastics, team games, (football, Kwik Cricket, rounders, netball), swimming, outdoor adventure activities, dance and movement, athletics and cross-country.

The school enjoys the use of a good size hall, a playground and playing field on site. Class teachers take all physical education lessons with their class. A number have attend LEA in-service courses for teaching games and swimming.

Gymnastics classes take place in the School Hall which is well equipped. Children are taught handling and safety techniques as part of their lessons and equipment is professionally checked at least annually. All children change for P.E. Gymnastics is always in bare feet. No jewellery must be worn for safety reasons.

In order to achieve our sporting aims football, cricket, netball, rounders, cross-country, running, athletics and swimming are all provided and matches and tournaments are carried out throughout the year. Skills are taught in lessons and most matches against other schools are played after school.

There is an excellent take-up of sporting opportunities after school by pupils. The clubs are provided voluntarily by a committed staff team.

The school seeks to provide a sound background in sport through National Curriculum physical education and a range of extra-curricular activities. Within these opportunities we are concerned with developing good quality performance, an understanding of games principles, enjoyment and knowing how to improve.

All pupils follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for physical education. Key Stage 1 pupils take part in games, gymnastics, swimming and dance. Key Stage 2 pupils continue work in these areas with additional opportunities for athletic activities and outdoor and adventurous activities. Our aim is for everyone to receive 2 hours per week of physical education in curriculum time. In addition, at least 2 hours of extra-curricular activities are organised during lunch-times and after school.

All pupils require a bag with his/her name on it to hang on their peg. All sports necessities should be named. Class 1 perform all inside exercise in shorts, t-shirts, and bare feet. For outside activities, shorts, T-shirt (or sweatshirts and suitable footwear (see below) are worn. P.E.kit should be taken home on Fridays for washing (or more frequently if wished) and brought back on Mondays. A timetable is issued showing days on which physical activities take place for each group.

Trainers, pumps and football boots should be the correct size. Spiked trainers/pumps are not safe for primary children and should not be worn.

SWIMMING Children go swimming throughout their education at Luston. All children swim for one full term each school year – Key Stage One children swim at Ludlow during the Summer Term, whilst Key Stage 2 children swim at Leominster during the Autumn and Spring Terms.