Our acts of daily collective worship are Christian in character. These assemblies bring us together with a sense of community, sharing both sad and happy events; greeting each other with a smile; participation in the presentation of messages of hope, love, commitment and care.

The class lessons in religious education aim to familiarise children with the Life and times of Jesus, major Christian festivals, Bible and other stories and readings are used to demonstrate the moral of a lesson. Most of all, we encourage care, kindness and love. We also teach other faiths to enable pupils to respect the value of equality and diversity.

There is a new and comprehensive County document on Religious Education which was used to work out the Schools’ Policy and curriculum content. This has been in place since Autumn 2000.

Any parent may withdraw their child from R.E. or assembly on religious grounds, if prior arrangements are made with the Headteacher. Alternative provision will be made after consultation with parents.